Chapter 8. Inserting Images


  • Working with foreground and background images

  • Inserting images from the Assets panel

  • Dreamweaver Technique: Including Images

  • Revising graphics

  • Dreamweaver Technique: Changing Graphics

  • Modifying image height, width, and margins

  • Aligning and wrapping text around images

  • Dividing your page with HTML lines

  • Putting graphics into motion

  • Adding rollovers

Dreamweaver's power is evident as you use its visual layout tools to incorporate background and foreground images in your Web page designs. This chapter gives you a quick introduction to inserting images that covers techniques for incorporating both background and foreground images — and modifying them using the methods available in Dreamweaver. You also learn about animation graphics and how you can use them in your Web pages, and techniques for creating rollover buttons.

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