Chapter 26. Adding Video to Your Web Page


  • Creating video for the Web

  • Dreamweaver Technique: Adding Flash Video

  • Including video clips in your Web pages

  • Inserting QuickTime Player movies

  • Using streaming videos

In the last number of years, video on the Web has truly come into its own. From online video's humble beginnings as a grainy, jerky, quarter-screen-sized moving image to the full-screen, high-fidelity movie-like imagery of today, video is an essential element for many Web sites.

Adobe Flash video, QuickTime, RealVideo, and Windows Media Player are the most popular formats on the Web, and all are cross-platform. Adobe recently entered the fray itself with the Adobe Media Player. With all of these players, video can be downloaded to the user and then automatically played with a helper application, or it can be streamed to the user so that it plays while it's downloading.

This chapter describes the many different methods for incorporating video — whether you're downloading an MPEG file or streaming a movie — into your Web pages through Dreamweaver.

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