Chapter 6

Embracing the Workspace

In This Chapter

arrow Customizing the workspace to your liking

arrow Saving your custom workspace or reverting to the default

Adobe Edge Animate CC is a dynamic software tool. The flexibility of the tool provides you the means to configure the interface to your choosing. You can close all the panels if you prefer to view only the Stage and the Timeline. Or you may want to maximize the Assets panel so that it takes up the entire screen. You can tab panels, stack them side by side, or place one on top of the other. And if the screen becomes entirely too cluttered, all you have to do is revert to the default view. However, if you finally get all the panels arranged in the manner best suited for you, you can save that view as a custom workspace.

The settings in the Properties panel constantly update as you click from one type of element to the next. Each different type of element — drawn rectangle, imported image, or text box — has its own unique set of properties. Not all properties are completely unique; some remain consistent no matter their type.

Clicking and Dragging the Panels

The Adobe Edge Animate interface consists of a main menu along the top and a series of panels and frames border the Stage. The panels contain the buttons, toggles, and switches that ...

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