Chapter 15

Putting Your Project on the Web

In This Chapter

arrow Publishing your project as a standalone page or site

arrow Placing your composition into an existing web page

arrow Embedding your composition into a Joomla! article

arrow Finding the WordPress plug-in

Placing your composition online can mean many things to many different people. The process is different depending on the type of site to which you want to add your composition. You can use your Edge Animate project as its own stand-alone site or page. You can embed your composition into an existing web page. If you use the Joomla! content management system (CMS), you can add your animation using a wrapper module. If using WordPress is more your style, you can use an Edge Suite extension.

tip.eps No matter how you plan to use your animation online, using a good FTP (File Transfer Protocol) solution is the recommended means to uploading your files, which is necessary for most of the sections in this chapter. If you don't already use FTP, I can suggest ...

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