Chapter 24

Ten Web Design Trends

In This Chapter:

arrow More images, less text

arrow To scroll horizontal or vertical, that is the question

arrow Designing headers and creative navigation

arrow Telling stories through the latest coding techniques

New web design trends emerge every year — rounded corners, shadows, inset text. This year is no exception; new trends continue to appear, and I expect to update this chapter when it’s time to write version 2.0 of this book.

One consistent factor is that new trends in web design appear to go hand-in-hand with new coding capabilities. For example, at the beginning of web design, it was difficult to create rounded corners without using tables and several different images. These days, creating rounded corners is as easy as writing a few lines of CSS code — not to mention that you can ditch the tables and the extra images.

The web design trends presented in this chapter, for the most part, represent not only new coding techniques but also new ways for your audience to interact with your site in engaging ways. When you grab your audience’s attention and get them intrigued ...

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