Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5: Learn by Video

Video description

This innovative product from Adobe Press combines interactive video and a full-color printed reference to teach the fundamentals of Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5, Adobe's exciting interaction design tool built with designers in mind.

Experienced instructors Kevin Ruse and Rufus Deuchler present 6 hours of high quality HD video, complete with lesson files, assessment quizzes and review materials. The video is wrapped in a unique interface that allows the viewer to jump to any topic and also bookmark individual sections for later review. The unique Watch-and-Work mode shrinks the video into a small window to allow the student to work alongside in Flash Catalyst. Project files used in the lessons are included so viewers can practice what they've learned, and interactive review questions help reinforce freshly gained knowledge.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction to Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5
    1. What Is Flash Catalyst?
    2. The Designer Workflow
    3. The Designer to Developer Workflow
    4. General Workflow Considerations
    5. The Flash Catalyst Design Workspace
    6. The Properties Panel in Detail
    7. The Flash Catalyst Code Workspace
  2. Adobe Flash Catalyst Jumpstart
    1. Application Overview
    2. Transforming Static Illustrator Artwork into an Interactive Experience
    3. Jumpstart to Flash Builder
  3. Creating a Flash Catalyst Project
    1. Starting a Blank Catalyst Project
    2. Using the Wireframe Components
    3. Organizing Your Project in Layers
    4. Importing Your Design from Adobe Illustrator
    5. Importing Your Design from Adobe Photoshop
    6. Other File Formats That Can Be Imported into Catalyst
    7. Organizing Your Assets in the Library
  4. Pages and States
    1. What Are Pages and States?
    2. Creating a Simple Set of Pages
    3. Create Your First Set of Buttons
    4. Working with More Complex Pages
    5. Adding Simple Left-to-Right Navigation
    6. Creating a Reusable Set of Buttons
    7. Creating Smooth Transitions Between Pages
    8. Transitions Applied to a More Complex Project
    9. Special Effects with Transitions
  5. Components: The Building Blocks of Catalyst
    1. What Are Components?
    2. Scroll Panels
    3. Creating Your Own Scrollbar in Catalyst
    4. Creating a Scroll Panel from Illustrator Art
    5. Creating Your First Data List
    6. Another Example of a Data List
    7. Adding Sound to Your Catalyst Project
    8. Importing Video
    9. Creating an Action Sequence to Play Video
    10. Importing SWF Files
  6. Integration with Illustrator and Photoshop
    1. Round-Trip Editing
    2. Round-Trip Editing with Illustrator
    3. Round-Trip Editing with Photoshop
  7. Publishing Your Catalyst Project
    1. Publishing Your Catalyst Project as a SWF File
    2. Publishing Your Catalyst Project as an AIR Application
    3. Optimizing Your Projects for Performance
    4. Finishing Up with Catalyst
  8. Introducing Flash Builder
    1. Introducing Flash Builder 4
    2. Using Flash Builder to Create RIAs from Catalyst Projects
  9. Importing a Flash Catalyst Project into Flash Builder
    1. The Catalyst/Flash Builder Workflow
    2. How to Import a Flash Catalyst Project
    3. Examining the Directory Structure
  10. The Flash Builder Integrated Development Environment
    1. What Is Eclipse?
    2. Getting Comfortable with Eclipse
    3. Eclipse Views, Editors, and Perspectives
    4. Managing Files
    5. Running Application Files
  11. Understanding Flash Builder's Languages
    1. What Languages Does Flash Builder Write?
    2. Understanding MXML and AS
    3. Understanding Namespaces
    4. Examining Catalyst-Generated MXML
  12. Using the Flash Builder Code Editor
    1. Understanding Code Editing
    2. Using Code Assist to Write MXML
    3. Common Code Errors
    4. Getting Help
    5. Moving Blocks of Code
    6. Commenting Code
    7. Opening Class Files
    8. Organizing Code
  13. Using Flash Builder View States
    1. Understanding View States
    2. Viewing View State Code
    3. Examining View State Change Code
  14. Retrieving Data from the Server
    1. Why Get Data from the Server?
    2. Setting Up WAMP
    3. Testing Your WAMP/MAMP Setup
    4. Creating a MySQL Database for Use with Flash Builder
    5. Viewing the Catalyst Placeholder or Mock Data
    6. Connecting and Configuring a PHP Data Service
    7. Adding a Service to an Application
    8. Connecting the Data to Visual Controls
  15. Refactoring Catalyst Code
    1. What Is Refactoring?
    2. Why Refactor Catalyst-Generated Code?
    3. Refactoring Code with Flash Builder

Product information

  • Title: Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5: Learn by Video
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2010
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780132620420