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Adobe® Flash® CS3 Professional Classroom in a Book®

Book Description

This project-based guide from Adobe will teach readers all they need to know to create engaging interactive content with Flash CS3. Using step-by-step instructions with projects that build on the knowledge learned in each lesson, readers will learn the key elements of the Flash interface, including panels, timelines, and frames. From there, readers will learn how to work with vector and bitmap graphics; create and edit symbols; modify text and add interactivity with ActionScript 3.0; and incorporate animation, music, and sound to their projects. They'll also learn how to prepare and export their finished projects for Web and broadcast. Of course, readers will also learn how to take advantage of the new features of Flash CS3--the streamlined user interface, native support for Photoshop and Illustrator files, revamped drawing tools, new video encoding features, code editing enhancements, and much more. The companion CD provides users with all the sample files they need to complete all of the projects.

Educational instructor notes—created to help teachers plan, organize, and time their lessons—are available for this book (and for other Classroom in a Book titles) at www.peachpit.com/instructorresources.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  3. Getting Started
    1. About Classroom in a Book
    2. What’s on the CD
      1. Lesson Files ... and So Much More
    3. Prerequisites
    4. Installing Flash
    5. Optimizing Performance
    6. Copying the Lesson Files
      1. About Copying the Sample Movies and Projects
    7. How to Use these Lessons
    8. Additional Resources
    9. Adobe Certification
  4. 1. Getting Acquainted
    1. Starting Flash and Opening a File
    2. Getting to Know the Work Area
      1. About the Stage
      2. Understanding the Timeline
      3. Adding a Layer
      4. Creating a Keyframe
    3. Working with the Library Panel
      1. About the Library Panel
      2. Adding an Item from the Library Panel
    4. Using the Property Inspector
      1. Positioning an Object on the Stage
      2. Using Motion Tweens to Animate an Object
    5. Using the Tools Panel
      1. Selecting and Using a Tool
      2. Selecting a Hidden Tool
    6. Undoing Steps in Flash
    7. Previewing Your Movie
    8. Publishing Your Movie
    9. Using Flash Help
      1. Browsing the Table of Contents
      2. Searching for Keywords
    10. Using Adobe Online Services
    11. Review
      1. Review Questions
      2. Review Answers
  5. 2. Working with Graphics
    1. Getting Started
    2. Creating Rectangles
      1. Adding a Bitmap Fill
      2. Specifying Stroke Properties
      3. Modifying Objects
    3. Using a Gradient Fill
      1. Customizing Gradient Transitions
      2. Using the Gradient Transform Tool
    4. Making Selections
      1. Selecting Sections of a Fill
      2. Using the Lasso Tool
    5. Drawing Ovals
    6. Creating a Simple Animation
      1. Converting a Shape to a Symbol
      2. Animating an Object
      3. Adding Animation Layers
    7. Working with Lines
      1. Matching the Color of an Existing Object
      2. Adding Lines
      3. Breaking Objects Apart
    8. Manipulating Objects
      1. Disabling Snap To Guides
      2. Grouping Objects
      3. Adding Shapes
      4. Animating Objects
    9. Masking Objects
    10. Testing a Movie
    11. Review
      1. Review Questions
      2. Review Answers
  6. 3. Creating and Editing Symbols
    1. Getting Started
    2. Importing Illustrator Files
    3. About Symbols
      1. Movie Clip Symbols
      2. Button Symbols
      3. Graphic Symbols
    4. Converting Objects to Symbols
    5. Importing Bitmap Images
      1. About Image Formats
      2. Importing Images to the Library
      3. Importing Images to the Stage
      4. Converting a Bitmap to a Vector
    6. Adding Bitmaps to a Movie Clip Symbol
    7. Working with Buttons
      1. Creating a Button Symbol
      2. Importing a File with Button States
      3. Adding a Button Symbol to the Stage
      4. Adding a Hit State to a Button
      5. Creating an Invisible Button
    8. Adding Transparency
      1. Changing the Alpha Value for an Instance
      2. Changing the Alpha Value for a Color
      3. Using Web-Safe Colors
    9. Review
      1. Review Questions
      2. Review Answers
  7. 4. Working with Text
    1. Getting Started
    2. Organizing Layers in a Timeline
      1. Adding a Layer for Actions
      2. Creating Layer Folders
      3. Adding Layers to Layer Folders
      4. Changing the Appearance of the Timeline
    3. Placing Assets on Layers
      1. Deleting a Layer
      2. Moving an Object on the Timeline
      3. Adding a Sound File
    4. Using Tweens to Animate Objects
      1. Tweening Brightness
      2. Tweening Movement
    5. Creating Text
      1. About Text in Flash
      2. Adding Text to a Layer
      3. Copying Text
      4. Rotating Text
      5. Converting Text to a Symbol
    6. Animating Text with Masks
      1. About Masks
      2. Drawing Masks
      3. Creating a Blinking Effect
      4. Applying the Mask
      5. Applying Onion Skinning
      6. Rotating Multiple Layers
      7. Nesting Layers
    7. Using Tweens to Simulate a Shaking Motion
      1. Applying Filters to Text
    8. Review
      1. Review Questions
      2. Review Answers
  8. 5. Adding Animation
    1. Getting Started
    2. About Animation
    3. Setting Up the Project File
      1. Importing Layers from an Illustrator File
      2. Organizing the Timeline
    4. Animating a Movie Clip Symbol
      1. Editing a Symbol
      2. Duplicating an Animated Symbol
    5. Working with Nested Symbols
      1. Adding Layers to a Symbol’s Timeline
      2. Animating Nested Symbols
      3. Creating Nested Symbols
    6. Using a Mask to Animate a Symbol
      1. Breaking Apart Symbols
      2. Preparing the Layers that will be Masked
      3. Creating the Mask
      4. Duplicating the Masked Symbol
      5. Animating the Mask
    7. Moving Objects Across the Stage
    8. Adding Sound
    9. Adding a Stop Action
    10. Animating Titles
      1. Animating Text as an Object
      2. Animating Individual Letters
    11. Morphing Objects
      1. Setting Up the Initial Object
      2. Using Shape Tweens to Transform an Object
    12. Fading Objects In
    13. Animating Motion on a Path
      1. Creating a Motion Guide
      2. Aligning an Object with a Motion Guide
    14. Review
      1. Review Questions
      2. Review Answers
  9. 6. Creating Interactive Files
    1. Getting Started
    2. About Interactive Files
    3. Designing a Layout
      1. Creating a Gradient Fill
      2. Adding a Simple Frame
      3. Adding a Title
      4. Creating a Selection Marker
    4. Creating Buttons
      1. Creating a Graphic Symbol with Multiple Frames
      2. Creating a Button Symbol
      3. Animating a Rollover State
      4. Creating Additional Buttons
      5. Aligning Buttons
    5. Activating the Buttons
      1. Naming Instances
      2. Labeling Frames
      3. Animating the Active Selection Marker
    6. Review
      1. Review Questions
      2. Review Answers
  10. 7. ActionScript Basics
    1. Getting Started
    2. Working with ActionScript 3.0
      1. About ActionScript
      2. Understanding Scripting Terminology
        1. Variable
        2. Keyword
        3. Parameters
        4. Function
        5. Class
        6. Scope
        7. Methods
        8. Properties
      3. Using Proper Scripting Syntax
      4. Navigating the Actions Toolbox
    3. Working with Conditional Statements
      1. About Conditional Statements
      2. Adding an If Statement
      3. Adding Methods to the Statement
    4. Adding a Stop Action
    5. Using Variables
      1. About Script Assist
      2. Declaring a Variable
    6. Downloading Data from a URL
      1. About the URLLoader and URLRequest Classes
      2. Using URLLoader and URLRequest Classes
    7. Working with Events
      1. Adding an Event Listener and Function
    8. Using Events to Script Buttons
    9. Review
      1. Review Questions
      2. Review Answers
  11. 8. Using Components
    1. Getting Started
    2. About Components
    3. Adding a Text Component
      1. Dragging a Component to the Stage
      2. Inserting Text in the Component
      3. Modifying a Component’s Parameters
    4. Using Components to Create Interactivity
      1. Configuring Component Parameters
      2. Enhancing Components with ActionScript
    5. Review
      1. Review Questions
      2. Review Answers
  12. 9. Working with Sound and Video
    1. Getting Started
    2. Prepare the Project File
    3. Creating Sound Buttons
      1. Creating Button Symbols
      2. Importing Sound Files
      3. Editing a Sound Clip
      4. Duplicating Buttons
      5. Aligning Buttons
    4. Creating Movie Thumbnail Buttons
      1. Creating Thumbnail Button Symbols
      2. Duplicating Thumbnail Buttons
    5. Extending the Timeline
    6. Preparing Flash Video Content
      1. About Importing Video
      2. Importing Video Files
      3. Controlling the Video Playback
      4. Scripting Video Buttons
    7. Working with Video that Includes Alpha Channels
      1. Importing the Video Clip
      2. Adding a Drop Shadow to a Movie Clip
      3. Animating a Movie Clip
      4. Masking a Movie Clip
    8. Review
      1. Review Questions
      2. Review Answers
  13. 10. Loading and Optimizing Flash Content
    1. Getting Started
    2. Assembling the Preloader Elements
    3. Loading the Movie
    4. Animating the Preloader
    5. Changing the Visibility of Movie Clips
    6. Caching Bitmaps
    7. Review
      1. Review Questions
      2. Review Answers
  14. 11. Publishing Flash Documents
    1. Getting Started
    2. Testing a Flash Document
    3. Adding Metadata
    4. Publishing a Movie for the Web
      1. Specifying Flash File Settings
      2. Detecting the Version of Flash Player
    5. Alternative Publishing Options
      1. Saving Frames as Images
      2. Creating a Projector
    6. Review
      1. Review Questions
      2. Review Answers
  15. A. Hexadecimal Color Codes
  16. Contributors