Chapter 23. Using the Flash Player and Projector


  • Creating a Flash projector

  • Controlling a stand-alone with fscommand() actions

  • Toggling the screen mode with a behavior

  • Distributing the Flash Player

  • Third-party utilities for Flash stand-alones

This chapter, the last in Part VI, explores alternative means of distributing your Flash movies as self-contained executable applications for CD/DVD-ROMs or other removable storage devices. We also look at the broad support available for the Flash Player plug-in for Web browsers.

Using the Stand-Alone Flash Player and Projector

The stand-alone Flash Player and projector enable you to take your Flash right off the Web and onto the desktop without having to worry whether users have the plug-in. In fact, you don't even need to worry about them having browsers! Stand-alone players and projectors have similar properties and limitations, although they're slightly different.

  • Stand-alone player: This is an executable player that comes with Flash CS3. You can open any .swf file in this player. The stand-alone player can be found in the Adobe/Flash CS3/Players/Release folder (Windows) or the Adobe Flash CS3:Players:Release folder (Mac) on the volume where you installed Flash CS3.

  • Projector: A projector is an executable copy of your movie that doesn't need an additional player or plug-in to be viewed. It's essentially a movie contained within the stand-alone player. The projector is ideal for distribution of Flash applications on CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs. ...

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