Part II. Mastering the Flash Environment


When you're ready to jump in and get started on the road to efficient and painless production, this section will give you all the information you need to feel comfortable in the Flash authoring environment. Chapter 4 introduces you to the updated Flash workspace and gives you tips for customizing the UI. You will learn where all your tools are stored and how to organize them to suit your workflow. Chapter 5 is where you'll find coverage of all the Flash drawing and selection tools, including an explanation of Object Drawing mode and an introduction to the new Shape Primitive tools. You'll also learn how to control snapping behavior and how to create and edit groups. In Chapter 6, you'll find out what makes Flash so much more powerful than simple vector graphics programs. Symbols and symbol instances are the basis for all optimized Flash projects and the Library gives you all the options you'll need to keep your project assets organized. Chapter 7 includes coverage of color issues specific to Web production and explains how to use the Swatches and Color panels to enhance your projects with custom colors, gradients, bitmap fills, and more. Chapter 8 guides you through the various options for creating and editing text in Flash, including Dynamic and Input ...

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