Part V. Adding Basic Interactivity to Flash Movies


So far you've been learning how to make things — drawing shapes, creating symbols, and working with frames and adding special assets. In the next three chapters you learn how to integrate these various elements and how to make things happen. Chapter 18 introduces the concepts you need to understand when adding interactivity to presentations. Chapter 18 also gives you an orientation in the Flash CS3 Actions panel, where you will find some changes from Flash 8. Chapter 19 gives you the skills needed to control playback of multiple timelines. Find out how easy it is to use ActionScript to control display of internal elements in your Flash movies, including nested Movie Clips. See how Flash behaviors can be applied to control sound playback. If you want to apply these concepts and techniques to real Flash production, Chapter 20 has just what you need — a step-by-step explanation of how to build a basic Flash presentation with a non-linear interface. The project implements other important features such as components, named anchors, and accessibility options.

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