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Adobe® Flash® Professional CC Classroom in a Book® - Late 2013 Update

Book Description

The bug fixes and powerful new features in the December 2013 update of Adobe Flash Professional CC ( help you publish HTML5 documents that play in a browser on your computer, tablet, or mobile device without requiring Adobe Flash Player. The update includes several new ways of working when targeting HTML5:

•      A new HTML5 Canvas document type
•      Support in the Actions panel for JavaScript
•      JavaScript code snippets for HTML5 Canvas document types
•      An easy, one-step command to convert existing ActionScript 3 Flash documents to HTML5 Canvas documents

Adobe Flash Professional CC Classroom in a Book Late 2013 Update will help you understand where improvements or new features in the Flash Professional CC software update ( have substantially changed the workflow for the projects in the book. Where it's relevant, we point out how creating the content is different or how to navigate the new interfaces. Although this resource is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to all the new features in the Flash Professional CC, it will enable you to complete the training material using the updated Flash Professional CC.