4 Select the “Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser” option, and click OK.
The next time you start Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer prompts you to make it the default browser. If you
are not prompted, Internet Explorer is already your default browser.
Set Firefox as your default browser
1 Open the Firefox application.
2 Select Tools > Options.
3 Select the General icon to view general settings.
4 Select theFirefox should check to see if it is the default browser when starting” option, and click OK.
The next time you start FireFox, FireFox prompts you to make it the default browser. If you are not prompted,
FireFox is already your default browser.
About the source files
Each application can have any number of ActionScript files. Some of the files that fdb steps into are external class
files, and some are generated by the Flex compilers.
In general, Flex generates a single file that contains ActionScript statements used in <mx:Script> blocks in the
root MXML file, and an additional file for each ActionScript class that the application uses. Flex generates many
source files so that you can navigate the application from within the debugger.
To view a list of files that are used by the application you are debugging, use the
info files command. For more
information, see Getting status” on page 259.
The generated ActionScript class files are sometimes referred to as compilation units. For more information about
compilation units, see About incremental compilation” on page 157.
Starting a debugging session
You start a debugging session by using the fdb command-line debugger. After you start a session, you typically
type continue once before you set break points and perform other debugging tasks. This is because the first frame
that suspends debugging occurs before the application has finished initialization.
For more information about which commands are available after you start a debugging session, see “Using the
command-line debugger commands” on page 251.

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