Building and Deploying Adobe Flex 3 Applications
In addition, the template does not convert query string parameters to flashVars variables in the wrapper’s
<object> and <embed> tags. If you want to pass run-time data as a flashVars variable, you should hard-code it
in the wrapper, or use some other method of inserting the values into the wrapper’s
<object> and <embed> tags.
Finally, you cannot include other script files or external CSS files in the template. The template must be a single
flat file that embeds the Flex application. It can contain JavaScript or other client-side code.
In Internet Explorer version 6 and later, you must click somewhere in the browser’s window before you can use
the Flex application. You may be prompted to press the Spacebar or the Enter key to activate the control. This is
because the wrapper returned by the web-tier compiler does not use an external JavaScript file to embed the SWF
file. HTML wrappers that use external script files to embed SWF files do not exhibit this behavior. You cannot
change this behavior because you cannot use external scripts in your template wrapper with the web-tier compiler.
For more information on HTML wrappers, see “Creating a Wrapper” on page 311.
About the template’s tokens
The following table describes the tokens that you can use in the web-tier compiler’s template:
Token Description
Identifies the SWF file to the host environment (a web browser, for example) so that it can be referenced by
using a scripting language such as VBScript or JavaScript in the wrapper.
This token is used by the id property of the <object> tag and the name property of the <embed> tag.
Specifies the background color of the application. Use this property to override the background color
setting specified in the source MXML file. This property does not affect the background color of the HTML
Valid format for bgcolor is any #RRGGBB, hexadecimal, or RGB value.
The Application containers style uses an image as the default background. This image obscures any back-
ground color settings that you might make. Therefore, to make the value of the {$bgcolor} token be
displayed properly, you must clear the Application container’s
backgroundImage style property. To do
this, you can set it to the value of a space character in the MXML source file, as the following example shows:
Application {
backgroundImage: " ";
Defines the height of the application. The default value is 100%. You set the default value in the
compiler.conf file. If this value is set in the MXML file, then the web-tier compiler uses that value.
This token is used by the height properties of the <object> and <embed> tags.

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