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Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals

Video Description

This video will increase your proficiency with Adobe Illustrator. There are four clips in this video series:

  • Overview. Set up Adobe Illustrator and learn about a number of core drawing concepts such as vectors and pixels.
  • Workspace. Explore all of the Adobe Illustrator functionality available through its user interface. Master art boards, creating documents, and image tracing. Also learn several important keyboard shortcuts.
  • Objects. Select, group, move, transform, draw, and color objects in Adobe Illustrator. Also practice with layering and 3D objects.
  • Exporting. Export documents from Adobe Illustrator.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview 00:06:43
  2. Workspace 00:30:52
  3. Objects 00:31:02
  4. Exporting 00:07:06