Adobe InDesign CS5 Advanced Training

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In this Advanced InDesign CS5 training video tutorial, Adobe Certified Instruction Jeff Witchel builds on his InDesign CS5 fundamentals training course. You will get more in-depth with the features and functions of this powerful layout program, which is no longer used just for prepress documents anymore!
Once you have the fundamentals down, you will need to know how to get further into the features of InDesign. This computer software training course will get you there, starting with customizing your workspace for efficiency. You will quickly move into advanced layout functions such as working with grids. Continuing on, you will work with layers, advanced text placement and formatting, styles, objects, tables, and color. There is a whole chapter on printing and preflighting for print, as well as an entire chapter on using InDesign to create interactive and animated documents.
Designed for InDesign users that are already comfortable with the basics, this video training course will teach you tips and tricks that only experts know. By the end of this course, you will be fully capable of creating picture (or print!) perfect documents in InDesign. Almost 2GB of working documents are included, to allow you to work alongside the author on the same documents he is using to train you on!

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Table of contents

  1. 01. Introduction
    1. Who Am I
    2. Take InDesign Beyond The Basics
  2. 02. Workspace And Preferences
    1. Customize Your Workspace
    2. The Magic Of Auto Recovery
    3. Get The Most Out Of Control Panel
    4. Choice Of Preferences - Part 1
    5. Choice Of Preferences - Part 2
    6. Create Your Own Defaults
    7. Create Your Own Workspace
  3. 03. Layout
    1. Opening Creating Saving
    2. Rulers Measurements
    3. Your Guide To Ruler Guides
    4. Get Gridified - Working With Grids
    5. Pages - Beyond The Basics
    6. Mastering Master Pages
    7. Layers Can Do The Trick
    8. Let ID Do A Lot Of The Layout
  4. 04. Frames And Objects
    1. Secrets To Select Move
    2. Trick To Finding Changing Objects
    3. Transformation Tips Tricks
    4. Align Distribute
    5. Working Smart With Smart Guides
    6. Power Of Pathfinder
    7. Inside Corner Options
    8. Fun With Unusual Objects
    9. Framework Of A Flyer
  5. 05. Beyond The Basics Of Working With Text
    1. Secrets Of Placing Text
    2. To Edit Text - Select It
    3. Tricks To Editing Text
    4. Find/Change For Power Users
    5. GREP For Designers
    6. Spelling For Spelling Bee Champs
    7. Make Your Type Format Itself
  6. 06. Advanced Character Formatting
    1. Character Formatting Tips - Part 1
    2. Character Formatting Tips - Part 2
    3. Hidden Options For Character Formatting
    4. Bringing OpenType To The Forefront
    5. Underline Strikethrough Breakthroughs
    6. Finding Hidden Glyphs
    7. Format an Annual Report
  7. 07. Advanced Paragraph Panel Formatting
    1. Powerful Paragraph Alignment Secrets
    2. Inside Look At Indents Spacing
    3. Make Align To Baseline Grid Work
    4. Composure While Composing Text
    5. Make Keep Options Work For You
    6. Making Type Split Columns
    7. Impossible Paragraph Rules
    8. Bullets Numbering Secrets
    9. Tab Tips - Part 1
    10. Tab Tips - Part 2
    11. Setting Up A Newsletter Page
  8. 08. Styles
    1. Inside Look At Paragraph Styles
    2. Character Styles Do It Your Way
    3. What The Heck Is Next Style
    4. Building Breakthrough Nested Styles
    5. The Power Of Line Styles
    6. GREP Styles For Artists
    7. Advanced Look At Object Styles
    8. Using Styles To Format A Magazine
  9. 09. Text With Objects
    1. Objects That Flow With Text
    2. Get All Wrapped Up In Text Wraps - Part 1
    3. Get All Wrapped Up In Text Wraps - Part 2
    4. Using Text Objects
  10. 10. Long Documents
    1. The Ins Outs Of Linking Text Frames
    2. Next Previous Page Numbers
    3. Making Captions Work Automatically
    4. Using Books To Do The Unexpected
    5. Table Of Contents - The Next Chapter
    6. Setting Up A Simple Index
    7. A Short Review Of Long Documents
  11. 11. Tables
    1. The Basics Of Setting Up Tables
    2. The Basics Of Editing Tables
    3. Serving Up Table Tips
    4. The Secret To Using Table Styles
    5. Format An Advanced Table
  12. 12. Graphics
    1. Mastering The Art Of Placing Graphics
    2. InDesign AI PSD - Made For Each Other
    3. A Look Inside The Links Panel
    4. Snippet Secrets Revealed
    5. Playing With Graphics In A Layout
  13. 13. Color, Swatches, Fills, And Strokes
    1. Color Tips
    2. Stroke Secrets - Part 1
    3. Stroke Secrets - Part 2
    4. Swatch Tricks
    5. Design A Colourful Flyer
  14. 14. Transparency And Effects
    1. Transparency Tips Tricks Magic
    2. Effects Fun
    3. Creating A Transparent Design
  15. 15. Printing
    1. An Advanced Dialog About Printing
    2. Set Up Your Own Custom Preflight Profile
    3. Collect For Output - The Complete Package
    4. Export To Acrobat For Press
    5. Printing Booklets From A Desktop Printer
  16. 16. Interactive And Animation
    1. Making A Slide Show With Transitions
    2. Super Hyperlinks
    3. Have Buttons All Sewn Up
    4. Multi-State Objects
    5. Moving Animation Beyond The Basics
    6. Export Your Interactive Layout
    7. Animate Your Layout
  17. 17. Moving Beyond Advanced
    1. The Secret To Finding More Secrets
    2. Becoming An Adobe Certified Expert
    3. Conclusion

Product information

  • Title: Adobe InDesign CS5 Advanced Training
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: February 2011
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781926873336