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Adobe Muse Classroom in a Book - August 2012 Update

Book Description

**Breaking News! Adobe's third-quarter 2012 release of Adobe® Muse included enhancements to certain areas of the Muse interface, as well as new features such as forms creation, an Align panel, Adobe Edge Animate integration, asset uploading, and other new tools and enhancements.

This supplement to “Adobe Muse Classroom in a Book” provides new material for many parts of the original book. This material includes revised steps for some of the exercises in chapters 1-4 and 10, but the exercises in chapters 5-9 do not require any alteration. In addition, this supplement provides numerous tips on working with the new features and enhancements in the updated software.  

This update requires new lesson files for chapters 7, 8, and 9. The supplement contains a page headed “Where are the Lesson Files” that gives you a link you can use to download the files to your computer.