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Adobe® PageMaker® 7.0 Classroom in a Book®

Book Description

You've added Adobe PageMaker7.0 to your digital studio (or plan to). Now pick up the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to master the award-winning page-layout program--Adobe PageMaker 7.0 Classroom in a Book. This bestselling, hands-on workbook and CD package delivers something no other guide can: Adobe's official training series, developed by the company's own experts and tested in its classrooms and labs.

Each chapter is a self-paced lesson, based on real-world design projects. And each project builds on the skills you learn in previous lessons. For example, you may start by creating a single-page, black-and-white flyer, then quickly progress to more challenging projects, such as designing professional-quality letterhead, an eight-page CD booklet, a sports catalog, a Web-based newsletter, and more. Along the way, you'll learn to take advantage of version 7.0's new features, including its seamless integration with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, its ability to merge text and images from database and spreadsheet programs, and the way it now allows you to view and create PDFs, as well as open and edit QuarkXPress documents.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Getting Started
    1. About Classroom in a Book
    2. Prerequisites
    3. Installing Adobe PageMaker
    4. Installing the Classroom in a Book fonts
    5. Creating and printing lesson projects
    6. Installing PPDs (Windows only)
    7. Copying the Classroom in a Book files
    8. Additional resources
    9. Adobe Certification
  3. Flyer
    1. Locating files and fonts
    2. Restoring default settings
    3. Starting PageMaker
    4. Assembling a two-column flyer
    5. Producing the flyer
    6. Review questions
  4. Architect's letterhead
    1. Before you begin
    2. Assembling a custom template
    3. Assembling an envelope
    4. Assembling a business card
    5. Printing the letterhead
    6. Assembling a letter
    7. Review questions
  5. Project proposal
    1. Before you begin
    2. Assembling a master page
    3. Assembling the first page
    4. Assembling the second page
    5. Assembling the third page
    6. Producing the proposal
    7. Review questions
  6. Jewelcase booklet
    1. Before you begin
    2. Assembling the master page
    3. Assembling the booklet cover
    4. Assembling the first double-page spread
    5. Assembling the second double-page spread
    6. Assembling the last spread
    7. Assembling the back cover
    8. Building a booklet
    9. Printing the booklet
    10. Review questions
  7. Cycling guidebook
    1. Before you begin
    2. Setting up the document
    3. Finishing the cover
    4. Working with styles
    5. Finishing the first spread
    6. Laying out the next spread
    7. Finishing pages 6 and 7
    8. Review questions
  8. Adventure newsletter
    1. Before you begin
    2. Starting the publication
    3. Setting up the master pages
    4. Beginning page 1
    5. Adding guides
    6. Placing art on page 1
    7. Placing the text
    8. Formatting the Bungee article
    9. Adding the continuation line
    10. Adding the Editor's Note
    11. Finishing the Bungee article
    12. Formatting the Kayaking article
    13. Positioning the pull quote
    14. Laying out the Tibetan Treks sidebar
    15. Using the story editor
    16. Finding and changing text
    17. Checking spelling
    18. Review questions
  9. Recreational catalog
    1. Before you begin
    2. Placing a Kodak Photo CD image
    3. Working with color
    4. Working with inline graphics
    5. Attaching rules to text
    6. About graphic file formats
    7. Placing and linking a graphic
    8. Managing links
    9. Preparing for commercial printing
    10. Review questions
  10. Sailing publication
    1. Before you begin
    2. Creating a book list
    3. Adding index entries
    4. Generating an index
    5. Generating the table of contents
    6. Formatting the table of contents
    7. Printing the book
    8. Review questions
  11. Newsletter on the Web
    1. Before you begin
    2. Comparing HTML and PDF
    3. Adding hyperlinks
    4. Adding a source on a master page
    5. Testing hyperlinks
    6. Adapting color for the Web
    7. Exporting to Adobe PDF
    8. Preparing the HTML version
    9. Exporting to HTML
    10. Comparing the final versions
    11. Adobe on the Web
    12. Review questions
  12. PDF Web page
    1. Before you begin
    2. Previewing the final version
    3. Setting up the publication
    4. Using text and graphics as hyperlink anchors
    5. Testing hyperlinks
    6. Adding a source on a master page
    7. Setting up anchors for the rest of the publication
    8. Completing the hyperlink sources
    9. Completing the linked table of contents
    10. Creating a multiple-source image map out of one graphic
    11. Linking to a movie
    12. Creating URL anchors
    13. Importing URL anchors
    14. Dragging URL anchors
    15. Adding index entries
    16. Generating the hyperlinked index
    17. Exporting to PDF
    18. Viewing the PDF in a Web browser
    19. Review questions
  13. Index