Adobe Photoshop CC Learn by Video (2014 release)

Video description

This critically-acclaimed interactive training program from Adobe Press offers exceptional quality high-definition video to teach the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop CC. Experienced instructor Kelly McCathran presents a comprehensive introduction to Photoshop, including best practices as well as fundamental photography and image editing concepts. Beginning with an overview of the Photoshop interface, Kelly goes on to cover Photoshop’s powerful tools including new improvements to smart object and layer comps, features such as the Blur Gallery effects, Focus Mask, and more.

Table of contents

  1. Introducing the 2014 Release of Photoshop CC
    1. Welcome
    2. Introduction to Photoshop
    3. Overview of Mouseposé
    4. Exploring the Photoshop Interface
    5. Computer-Based Images: Raster and Vector
    6. The Photoshop Family
    7. Touring the Interface and Working with Panels
    8. Arranging Open Document Windows
    9. Zooming and Navigating Introduction
    10. Power User Zooming, Navigating, and Shortcuts
    11. Introduction to Image File Formats
    12. Creating New Files and Placing an Image
    13. Opening, Editing, and Saving
    14. Multiple Undo, Your New Best Friend
  2. Photoshop Jump Start
    1. Adobe Bridge: An Introduction
    2. Building Panoramic Images, Automatically
    3. Cropping
    4. Making up New Image Data with Content Aware Fill
    5. Removing Unwanted Objects with Content-Aware Fill
    6. Adobe Bridge: Organizing, Sorting, and Renaming Files
    7. Using the History Brush Tool
    8. Using the Spot Healing Brush
    9. Bridge and the Image Processor
    10. The Magic Eraser: One-Click Background Removal
    11. Selections: An Introduction
    12. Removing a Background with Quick Selection and Refine Edge
    13. Using Plug-ins (a.k.a. Filters) for Blur and Special Effects
    14. Cropping and Straightening an Image
    15. Automatic Color and Levels Correction
    16. Flawless Faces: Beauty and Skin Retouching
  3. Photoshop Preferences, Performance, Resolution, and Importing Camera Images
    1. Customizing Photoshop's Settings
    2. RAM, Storage, and Performance
    3. Resolution and File Size
    4. File Formats and Compression
    5. Organizing, Filing, and Sorting Your Images with Adobe Bridge
    6. Importing Camera and Smartphone Images
    7. Reviewing and Rating Images
    8. Arranging Panels, Switching Screen Modes, and Saving a Custom Workspace
    9. Arranging Your Adobe Bridge Workspace
    10. Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
    11. Grids and Ruler Guides
    12. Improved Smart Guides and Aligning Objects
  4. Importing Camera Images, Selections, Color Correction, and Retouching
    1. Color Modes: RGB Vs. CMYK
    2. Color Settings and Color Profiles
    3. Color Modes and Channels
    4. Importing Images from a Camera Card
    5. Non-destructive Editing with Adjustment Layers
    6. Non-destructive Editing with Camera Raw as a Smart Filter
    7. Non-destructive Editing Using Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)
    8. Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) Editing on Smartphone Images
    9. Selections: Rectangular and Elliptical
    10. Selections: The Lasso and Polygonal Lasso Tools
    11. Selections: The Magic Wand Tool
    12. Selections: The Quick Selection Tool and Refine Edge
    13. The Refine Edge for Objects
  5. Layers, Masks, and Shapes
    1. Layers: An Introduction
    2. Adding New Layers
    3. Layer Masks, the Key to Flawless Retouching
    4. Using Blending Modes for Surreal Effects
    5. Type Effects
    6. High Pass Filter and Overlay Blending
    7. Select by Focus Area to Mask
    8. Changing Object Colors with Color Range, Masks, and Fill Layers
    9. Shape Layer Intro: Web Mock Up
    10. Placing Images, Masking, and Modifying Shapes
    11. Using Guides, Alignment, and Layer Groups to Perfect the Layout
    12. Smart Object Improvements
    13. Introduction to Layer Styles and Layer Comps
  6. Working with Type in Photoshop
    1. Typography in Photoshop
    2. The Character Panel
    3. The Paragraph Panel
    4. Creating Paragraph Styles
    5. Creating Character Styles
    6. Masks on Type Layers
    7. Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting Text
    8. Creating Button Icons with Shapes and Aligning Text
    9. Placing Many Images at Once Using Adobe Bridge
    10. Filtering Layers Based on Content
    11. Adding Notes and Applying Paragraph Styles
    12. Generator and Copy Layer CSS
    13. Anti-Aliasing of Type
  7. Image Adjustments and Retouching
    1. Converting to Black and White
    2. Removing Red Eye
    3. Primary Retouching Tools for Perfect Images
    4. Lightening and Darkening Image Areas with Dodge and Burn
    5. Skin Repair Using Layers
    6. Using the Liquify Tool
    7. The Clone Stamp Tool
    8. Cropping to Ratios, Fixed Sizes, and Resolution
    9. Reading a Histogram and Using the Info Panel
    10. Merging High Dynamic Range Images
    11. Puppet Warp for GIF Animation
  8. Improving Images with Adobe Camera Raw
    1. Adobe Camera Raw (ACR): An Introduction
    2. Improving Color on Many Images at Once
    3. Adjusting Images Several Times and Converting to New Formats
    4. Cropping, Post Crop Vignette, and Clarity in ACR
    5. HSL: Selective Color in Adobe Camera Raw
    6. Painting in Corrections with the Adjustment Brush
    7. Better Landscapes with Graduated Filter and Radial Filter in ACR
    8. Removing Chromatic Aberration
    9. ACR Spot Removal and Clone
    10. Loading ACR Settings for Preset Corrections
    11. Reading and Applying Metadata
  9. Video Editing, 3D, Mixer Brush, and Actions
    1. New Video Documents: An Introduction
    2. The Basics of Video Editing in Photoshop
    3. Naming Video Layers and Adding Video Transitions
    4. Muting Audio in a Clip and Replacing the Sound
    5. Adding Adjustment Layers to Video
    6. Adding a Video Title
    7. Splitting Video Clips
    8. Copying Stills to Freeze Frame
    9. Motion for Pan, Zoom, or Rotate
    10. Exporting Final Video
    11. Creating 3D Text
    12. Creating a 3D Object
    13. Creating Hand-Painted Artwork from a Photo with the Mixer Brush
    14. Using Actions
  10. Effects, Patterns, and Filters
    1. Using Blur for "Hollywood Skin" or Special Effect
    2. The Clone Stamp for Portraits
    3. Editing Makeup to Boost or Soften
    4. Blur Filters for Effect
    5. Video Effects with Layers and Masks
    6. Creating Seamless Background Patterns
    7. Built-in, Custom, and Scripted Patterns
    8. Vanishing Point
    9. Graduated Filter and Perspective Crop
    10. Perspective Warp
    11. Camera Shake Reduction
  11. Outputting Your Images
    1. Saving Images for the Web
    2. Preparing Press-Quality Images
    3. Linked and Embedded Assets and Loading Typekit Fonts
    4. Sharpening to Add Detail Before You Print
    5. Printing Images
    6. Creating a Contact Sheet or PDF Presentation
    7. In Closing

Product information

  • Title: Adobe Photoshop CC Learn by Video (2014 release)
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2014
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 0133927814