Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers: The Ultimate Workshop

Book description

If you already have a good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and are looking to advance your skills, Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers: The Ultimate Workshop is the book you've been waiting for. Renowned photographers Martin Evening and Jeff Schewe impart their Photoshop tips and workflow, showing you how to use a vast array of rarely seen advanced Photoshop techniques. Whether the subject is serious retouching work, weird and wonderful compositions, or planning a shoot before you've even picked up a camera, you can be sure that the advice is based on years of practical experience.

Full of inspirational photographs and hundreds of full-color screenshots to show you how it's done, this book features:

-Advice on becoming a retouching master with advanced masking and compositing techniques
-A detailed workflow for preparing your images for the best possible output, showing you how to meet both deadline and budge without sacrificing quality
-26 movie tutorials on the included DVD, offering over 3 hours of movie content

The ideal companion to Photoshop CS5 for Photographers, this is a must-have resource for any serious user of Adobe Photoshop.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. 1. Before you shoot: Concepts and planning before you use Photoshop
    1. Before you shoot that picture!
      1. Interpreting a brief
      2. Shooting multiple elements – intelligently
      3. Multi light blending technique
      4. Complex composite work
      5. Fashion and beauty retouching
      6. When not to use Photoshop
  7. 2. Camera Raw workflow: Getting things right in Camera Raw first
    1. Optimizing images
      1. Camera Raw or Photoshop?
      2. Process Versions in Camera Raw
      3. Camera Profiles in Camera Raw
    2. Optimizing the image tones
      1. Optimizing an image in Camera Raw
        1. Optimizing the highlights
        2. Optimizing the blacks
        3. Optimizing both the highlights and blacks
    3. Essential image editing steps
      1. Auto Lens corrections
      2. Crop
      3. Color
      4. Tone
        1. Exposure
        2. Recovery
        3. Blacks
        4. Fill Light
        5. Brightness
        6. Contrast
      5. Finesse
        1. Clarity
        2. Vibrance
      6. Capture sharpening
        1. Amount and Radius
        2. Detail and Masking
      7. Noise reduction
      8. Localized adjustments
        1. Spotting
      9. An overview of the Camera Raw workflow
  8. 3. Raising your IQ: How to improve your image quality
    1. Improving camera capture sharpness
      1. Choice of camera lens
      2. Shooting with a tripod vs. hand-held
      3. Improved sharpness using mirror-up mode
    2. Megapixel limits
      1. How far can we keep going?
      2. The limits of lens optics
      3. One photographer’s viewpoint
    3. Fine-tuning the auto focus alignment
    4. Using Lens Corrections to improve IQ
    5. Capture sharpening workflow
    6. Noise reduction
      1. Creating a surface mask in Photoshop
      2. Camera Raw noise reduction
      3. Grain addition
    7. Improving midtone contrast
      1. High Radius Unsharp Mask technique
      2. Sculpting photos
    8. Photomerging images to improve quality
    9. Improving the shadows with Merge to HDR Pro
      1. Overexposing the shadows
  9. 4. Mending and blending: Photoshop repair work
    1. General retouching
      1. Healing brush strategies
      2. Adding lens flare
      3. Simulating film grain
      4. Matching grain
      5. Merging objects with displace distortion
        1. How to create a spotlight effect
      6. How to create a sparkle brush shape
    2. Vanishing Point
      1. Vanishing Point planes and measurements
    3. Editing objects in 3D
  10. 5. Now you see it, now you don’t: Some easy ways to retouch your photographs
    1. Removing objects
      1. Removing foreground objects
      2. Leaf blower technique
      3. Content-Aware filling
        1. Multiple Content-Aware fills
      4. Layer blending to remove tourists
        1. Median rendering
      5. Tidying hair against a busy backdrop
      6. Coloring hair roots
    2. Snapshot painting
      1. A different way of compositing
      2. Slicing an image
        1. Image warping
      3. History basics
      4. Making snapshots
      5. The channels
      6. The blending
      7. The wrap-up
      8. The Photoshop diet
  11. 6. Retouching people: Tips for retouching portraits
    1. Fashion and beauty retouching
      1. Adding lightness and contrast to the eyes
      2. Repair work using a copied selection
      3. Removing stray hairs
      4. Beauty skin retouching
        1. Disguise your retouching
      5. Brush blending modes
      6. Beauty/fashion retouching
    2. Retouching portraits
    3. Hand coloring a photograph
      1. Working with Liquify
      2. How to remove reflections from glasses
  12. 7. Masking and compositing: How to combine images and solve tricky problems
    1. Compositing work
      1. Creating a realistic composite
      2. Masking hair
        1. How it works
        2. Getting the different elements to match
        3. Keep the mask edges soft
        4. Hair masking using Refine Mask
      3. Refine Mask controls
      4. Cheating a mask
      5. Masking an object with a path
      6. Working with Smart Objects
      7. Adding atmospherics
      8. Simulating the effect of motion
        1. Embossing the word
        2. Adding motion
      9. Adding lens blur
      10. Extending the depth of field
      11. Merging studio exposures
    2. Layer Styles
      1. How to add extra water drops to a glass
      2. Copying layer styles
      3. How to remove edge flare
    3. How we created the cover image
  13. 8. Photoshop after dark: Using Photoshop to process photos taken at night
    1. Combining images
      1. Removing noise using multiple exposures
      2. Combining photographs of fireworks
      3. Photographing star trails
    2. Nocturnal effect
      1. ProPhoto RGB editing
      2. Preserving colors with ProPhoto RGB
  14. 9. Photomerges: Blending images together in Photoshop
    1. Merge to HDR Pro
    2. Photomerge
      1. Resizing the source images
      2. A simple, one-step Photomerge
      3. A three-step Photomerge
      4. Stitching a spherical 360° panorama
        1. Panorama shooting tips
      5. How to create an aerial fisheye lens effect
  15. 10. Cooking with Photoshop: Taking your Photoshop skills to the next level
    1. Content-aware scaling
      1. Content-aware scaling – another use
    2. Digital darkroom effects
      1. Advanced black and white conversion
      2. Cross-processing
      3. Lab Color effects
      4. Simulating the black and white infrared look
      5. Black and white solarization
      6. Coloring an object
      7. Coloring effects using Match Color
        1. Match Color auto adjustments
        2. Using Camera Calibration to distort colors
      8. Softening the focus
        1. Fog effect
        2. Diffused printing effect
      9. Adding progressive blurs
    3. Image border effects
      1. Adding a border to an image
      2. Adding a Clouds filter border
      3. Ragged borders with the Refine Edge command
  16. 11. Robo Photoshop: Using Photoshop automation to develop an efficient workflow
    1. Turning Photoshop into a robot
      1. Actions in Photoshop
        1. Playing an action
        2. The Actions panel magic decoder ring
        3. The Actions panel fly-out menu
        4. Recording a very basic action
        5. Basic action editing
        6. Troubleshooting actions
        7. Limitations when recording actions
      2. Batch processing
        1. Alternative automated processing tools
    2. An automated raw processing workflow
      1. Combining Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop
        1. Recording the batch action
        2. It’s a wrap!
  17. 12. Photoshop output: Tips and advice on inkjet and CMYK print output
    1. Printing in Photoshop
      1. Inkjet printers
    2. How inkjet printers work
    3. The ideal inkjet
    4. Photographic print quality
    5. Image preservation
    6. Inks and media
    7. Third-party inks
    8. Inkjet economies
    9. Canned printer profiles
    10. Building custom printer profiles
    11. DIY custom printer profiles
    12. Printing a printer test target
    13. Target printing workaround
    14. Getting the most from your printer profiles
    15. Display gamut versus printer gamut
    16. Soft proofing via the display
    17. Display simulation options
    18. CMYK output
      1. Color proofing for press output
    19. CMYK proofing with an inkjet
    20. Simulation and rendering intents
    21. Preparing files for output
    22. Delivering files for output
    23. Is CMYK for you?
    24. Spot color channels
    25. Fine-art printing workflow
  18. 13. Minding your own business: Suggestions on how to use Photoshop in your business
    1. Adding value to your images
    2. Identifying your images
    3. File organization methods
    4. Archiving issues
      1. Backing up is not archiving!
      2. Backing up your data
        1. Image protection
    5. How to make money with Photoshop
      1. How much are you worth?
    6. Your rate is your rate
    7. How to bill for digital
    8. Protecting your rights
    9. Orphan works
    10. Image harvesting
  19. Index

Product information

  • Title: Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers: The Ultimate Workshop
  • Author(s): Martin Evening, Jeff Schewe
  • Release date: December 2012
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781136089572