Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 for Photographers

Book description

To coincide with some of the biggest changes in Photoshop Elements for years, Philip Andrews completely revises his bestselling title to include all the new features of this release. See how the new interface works alongside new tools, techniques and workflows to make editing, enhancing and sharing your pictures easier than ever. And as always, he introduces the changed and improved features with colorful illustrations and the clear step-by-step instruction that has made his books the go-to titles for photographers the world over.

In this edition Andrews highlights the following new features:

  • Interface for both the Editor and Organizer
  • Revel integration in Organizer
  • New tools in the Quick Editor workspace
  • Changes to the Actions palette
  • Pen and Ink, Comic and Graphic Novel filters
  • Vignette, Tilt-Shift, High Key, and Low Key Guided Edit effects
  • Places, People and Events Organizer work modes
  • Changes for Adobe Camera Raw
  • Supercharged folder view
  • Online content
  • The Task bar
  • Exposure and Vibrance sliders in Quick Edit
  • At the same time, Andrews provides a comprehensive overview of the most used tools and techniques in the rest of the program.

    Readers also benefit from a being able to access book resources and instructional videos at the associated website They can also extend their learning with the special Photoshop Elements for Photographers app available from the Apple App Store.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Contents
    5. Introduction
    6. Acknowledgements
    7. Section One: Introducing Photoshop Elements
      1. Digital Basics
        1. Photography is everywhere
        2. The beginning – the digital photograph
        3. Creating digital photos
        4. Quality factors in a digital image
        5. The steps in the digital process
        6. Where does Photoshop Elements fit into the process?
      2. Photoshop Elements
        1. Top tools for the photographer
        2. The Photoshop Elements workflow
        3. The Organizer workspace
        4. The Editor workspace
        5. Moving between Organizer and Editor spaces
        6. The Create and Share panes
        7. New and improved features for Photoshop Elements 11
        8. Photoshop Elements for the Apple Macintosh
        9. Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements
        10. First steps
        11. The Welcome screen
        12. Step 1: Getting your pictures into Elements
        13. Step 2: Viewing your pictures
        14. Step 3: Image rotating
        15. Step 4: Cropping and straightening
        16. Step 5: Automatic corrections
        17. Step 6: Printing
        18. Step 7: Saving
        19. Step 8: Organizing your pictures
        20. Step 9: Backing up your files
    8. Section Two: The Photographer’s Toolkit
      1. Organize
        1. The Organizer workspace
        2. The Welcome screen
        3. The Organizer Menu Bar
        4. The Organizer Shortcuts Bar
        5. Introducing the Actions Bar
        6. Managing your photos with the Organizer
        7. Organizing and searching features
        8. Albums – the Elements way to group alike photos
        9. Locating files
        10. Attaching a Map Reference (Windows only)
        11. Protecting your assets
      2. Fix
        1. The Fix Task Pane
        2. Automatic editing options
        3. Automating editing of several pictures at once
      3. Create
        1. Photo projects
        2. Photo Book and Photo Collages
        3. Photo Calendar
        4. Greeting Cards
        5. Photo Prints
        6. Slide Shows (Win only)
        7. CD and DVD Jackets
        8. DVD with Menu
        9. CD/DVD Labels
        10. Instant Movie
      4. Share
        1. Share, share and share alike!
        2. Online Album
        3. E-mail Attachments
        4. Share Video with YouTube
        5. Photo Mail (Win)
        6. Burn Video DVD/BluRay
        7. Online Video Sharing
        8. Adobe Revel
        9. Phone Photos
        10. Share to Flickr
        11. Share to Facebook
        12. Send to SmugMug Gallery
        13. PDF Slide Show
        14. Sending videos to
        15. Vimeo
      5. Raw Shooting
        1. Better digital capture
        2. Enabling your Raw camera
        3. Modifying your capture workflow for Raw
        4. Auto Raw Conversions
        5. The Adobe Camera Raw utility
        6. Output options
        7. The manual raw conversion process via ACR
        8. Keeping ACR up to date
        9. Other Raw plug-ins
        10. Raw file queue
      6. Editor Guided
        1. The guided editor mode – ‘help when you need it’
        2. Guided edit options
      7. Editor Quick
        1. The Quick editor mode – ‘quick change central’
      8. Editor Expert
        1. The Expert editor interface
        2. Setting up your screen for Elements
        3. Setting color Management in Photoshop Elements
        4. Brightness and contrast changes
        5. Dodge and Burn tools
        6. Color corrections
    9. Section Three: Elements in Action
      1. Advanced Techniques
        1. The importance of Bit Depth
        2. Manual tonal control
        3. Specialized color control
        4. High quality sharpening techniques
        5. Retouching techniques
        6. Adding texture to an image
        7. Changing the size of your images
      2. Selections
        1. Selection basics
        2. Beyond One Step Selections
      3. Layers
        1. Layers and their origins
        2. Layer Masking techniques
      4. Text
        1. Creating simple type
        2. Creating paragraph text
        3. Basic text changes
        4. Align that type!
        5. Creating and using type masks
        6. Reducing the ‘jaggies’
        7. Warping type
        8. Applying styles to type layers
        9. Debunking some common type terms
        10. Other ways to add text
      5. Painting and Drawing
        1. Painting tools
        2. Custom brush creation
        3. Painting tools in action
        4. Drawing tools
      6. Filters
        1. Using filters
        2. New filters for Elements 11
      7. Photomerge
        1. Taking images with Photomerge in mind
        2. Getting images into Photomerge
        3. Photomerge Group Shot
        4. Photomerge Faces
        5. Photomerge Scene Cleaner
        6. Photomerge Exposure
        7. Photomerge Panorama
        8. Fixing Photomerge problems
        9. Photomerge Style Match
      8. Photo Books, Collages, Calendars and Cards
        1. Elements’ advanced layout options
        2. Creating Photo Books with Elements
        3. Creating Photo Collages with Elements
        4. Creating Greeting Cards with Elements
        5. Creating Photo Calendars with Elements
        6. Creating an Elements Photo Book in detail
        7. Edit an existing design
        8. Adding, replacing and removing photos
        9. Adding, moving and deleting pages
      9. Web and Services
        1. Photoshop Elements and the Web
        2. Account creation workflow
        3. Images and the Net
        4. Getting the balance right
        5. Web compression formats side by side
        6. Making your own web gallery
        7. Other ways to share Albums
        8. Other options for sharing your images online
        9. Sending your Elements photos to Flickr
        10. Other Photo Site Sharing options
        11. Sending images as email attachments
        12. is your online partner
        13. Creating your own slideshows
      10. Printing
        1. Pathways to printing in Elements
        2. Making your first print
        3. Making multiple prints
        4. Color Management in the Print Dialog
        5. Typical printing problems and their solutions
        6. Web-based Printing
    10. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 for Photographers
    • Author(s): Philip Andrews
    • Release date: March 2013
    • Publisher(s): Routledge
    • ISBN: 9781135048389