Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5: Learn By Video

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This critically acclaimed training program from Adobe Press combines exceptional quality high-definition video and a printed reference to teach the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. Including more than 10 hours of video tutorials, the course comes complete with lesson files and review materials. Experienced instructor Mikkel Aaland presents a comprehensive introduction to Lightroom, including best practices as well as fundamental photography and image editing concepts. Beginning with an overview of the Lightroom interface, Mikkel goes on to cover Lighrooms ’s powerful tools including Smart Previews, the new Upright tool and noise reduction enhancements, how to work within the Creative Cloud, and much more.

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Table of contents

  1. This chapter will provide you with an overview of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, including an overall look at the software, an overview of the new features in version 5, and guidance on configuring Lightroom.
    1. Welcome 00:01:36
    2. What Is Lightroom? 00:02:39
    3. How to Use This Course 00:01:09
    4. What's New in Lightroom 5 00:06:45
    5. The Lightroom Workspace 00:03:15
  2. In this chapter you'll get quick examples of some of the most exciting new features of Lightroom 5 in action.
    1. Automatically fix keystoning with the new Upright command 00:07:18
    2. Use the new Radial Filter to add multiple light sources to an image. 00:07:36
    3. Working with the new spot removal brush 00:05:27
    4. See how Smart Previews make it possible to work with catalogs of images anywhere, anytime. 00:10:36
  3. This chapter will cover the many facets of importing your images into Lightroom.
    1. Importing from a Memory Card or Hard Drive 00:12:34
    2. Import File Handling Options 00:04:56
    3. File Renaming Options 00:05:29
    4. Applying Develop and Metadata Settings on Import 00:04:11
    5. Preferences for Photo Importing 00:04:47
  4. In this chapter we'll cover Lightroom fundamentals like preferences, setting up an identity plate or watermark, catalog settings, and more.
    1. General Preferences 00:02:21
    2. Presets Preferences 00:04:51
    3. External Editing Preferences 00:06:44
    4. File Handling Options 00:05:13
    5. Interface Preferences 00:07:29
    6. Setting Up an Identity Plate 00:04:42
    7. Working with Panels and Lights Out 00:09:23
    8. Catalog Settings 00:08:27
    9. Creating a Custom Watermark 00:09:38
  5. This chapter includes lessons that will help you understand and make the most of the Library module in Lightroom, which is focused on managing your digital images.
    1. The Library Module 00:02:24
    2. Grid View 00:07:20
    3. Loupe View 00:07:03
    4. Compare View 00:04:57
    5. Survey View 00:02:12
    6. Working with the Filmstrip 00:03:59
    7. Video Support 00:11:23
    8. Quick Collections 00:05:05
    9. Collections 00:06:09
    10. Smart Collections 00:05:05
    11. Rating, Labels, and Flags 00:07:13
    12. Keywords 00:15:27
    13. Working with Metadata 00:08:54
    14. Library Filters 00:06:22
    15. Stacking Photos 00:03:40
    16. Dealing with Offline Files 00:05:13
  6. In this section you'll gain a deeper understanding of catalogs in Lightroom and learn how to manage your catalogs.
    1. Catalogs, Folders, and Collection 00:06:53
    2. Backing Up Your Catalogs 00:04:58
  7. This section will focus on the various ways you can export your images from Lightroom so they can be sent to others or published online.
    1. Exporting Images 00:10:02
    2. Publish Services 00:06:29
  8. This chapter looks at the new Map module in Lightroom 5, which provides another way to organize and search for images.
    1. Intro to the Map Module and Setting Map Preferences 00:06:14
    2. Working with the Map Module 00:09:26
  9. This chapter will teach you how to optimize your photos in Lightroom. You'll learn about develop presets, the Vibrance and Saturation sliders, vignetting, virtual copies, soft proofing, and much more.
    1. Develop Presets 00:06:28
    2. Basic Exposure Controls 00:16:00
    3. Clarity for Your Photos 00:02:24
    4. Vibrant and Saturated Colors 00:02:00
    5. Fine-Tuning with the Tone Curve 00:11:47
    6. Vignetting Effects 00:04:12
    7. Creating Virtual Copies 00:03:09
    8. Applying Changes to Other Photos 00:05:32
    9. Color Adjustments 00:06:40
    10. Soft Proofing 00:04:22
    11. Quick Develop Panel 00:04:17
  10. In this chapter you'll see how to use Lightroom to edit specific areas of an image using the Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filter tools. We'll look at strategies for sharpening and noise reduction and how to use the Crop overlay tool, remove dust and unwanted artifacts with the spot removal tools, and exploit the awesome new Lens Correction controls. And finally you'll see how to simulate a film grain look.
    1. The Graduated Filter 00:07:21
    2. Noise Reduction 00:03:45
    3. Sharpening 00:06:57
    4. Using the Crop Overlay tool 00:07:09
    5. Adding Grain Effects in the Effects Panel 00:02:11
    6. Lens Corrections 00:09:26
    7. Removing Red-Eye 00:02:42
    8. Sensor Dust Removal 00:07:15
    9. Portrait Touch-Up 00:11:40
    10. The Adjustment Brush 00:09:08
  11. In this chapter you'll learn the best way to convert a color image into black-and-white. Then you'll see how to add a color tint, create an infrared effect, and use the split toning controls to remove a color tint from an image or add one to an image.
    1. Converting Color into Black-and-White 00:07:18
    2. Adding a Color Tint 00:05:23
  12. This section will explore the various options that are available to you for printing your images from Lightroom.
    1. Preparing One Image for Print 00:11:46
    2. Preparing Multiple Images for Print 00:05:34
    3. Print Settings 00:07:16
  13. This section includes lessons that will help you quickly produce excellent web galleries and slideshows of your images.
    1. Creating a Web Gallery 00:09:30
    2. Creating a Slideshow 00:17:22
  14. By popular demand, Lightroom 5 now offers powerful and easy-to-use book-making capabilities. In this chapter you'll see how to make a book from start to finish.
    1. Preparing Your Images 00:03:47
    2. Making a Book 00:12:36

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  • Title: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5: Learn By Video
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  • Release date: July 2015
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0133476944