Chapter 11. THE WEB MODULE


Photoshop and other imaging programs often have a Web component to them, but few have such a strong and easy-to-use section like Photoshop Lightroom's Web module. The Web has become an extremely important place for photographers and their images. For pros, it has become pretty much a necessity, as shown in figure 11-1 (which was made in Lightroom). Even amateurs are using it extensively as a way of displaying images for friends and relatives across short and long distances.

Let's be straight about this, though. This is not the program for anyone doing extensive Web work. The Web module follows the concept of the rest of the program — making digital photography easier and simpler for the photographer. And it does exactly that for Web galleries, a standard need for photographers, but it won't give you the tools to create a complete Web site. Still, a lot of photographers have their Web site designed professionally, and then upload new photos regularly. The Web module is designed to make that task easier and more efficient for a non-Web designer — the photographer.

This is not to say that there is nothing here for the photographer who is more sophisticated in his or her Web use. The Web module does offer anyone a quick and easy way of creating picture galleries for Web use.

Web Module Layout

Like all other Lightroom modules, the Web module has its main adjustments ...

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