Chapter 7. Processing Photos with the Develop Module


  • Understanding color and how to use histograms to evaluate tonality

  • Getting oriented to the Develop module and its panels

  • Using the Develop module to quickly make your photos look great

  • Working with tonality and color in the Develop module

  • Using the new Adjustment Brush tool to make localized adjustments and corrections

  • Putting all of the pieces together to create an editing workflow

  • Using the Library module's Quick Develop panel to edit tone and color in the Library module

By now you should have a good feel for the organizational capabilities of the Library module. Lightroom truly makes digital asset management easy to understand and implement. It's one of the main reasons to begin using Lightroom in the first place. However, it isn't the only really great thing about Lightroom. In my view, the Develop module is just as important because it creates a clear path for the editing phase of the Production Workflow.

In this chapter, you take that pathway as you explore the editing tools in the Develop module. To facilitate that exploration, you practice on a sample file so you can see exactly how some of these tools are used. By the end of this chapter you'll know exactly how to enhance the quality of your photos quickly and efficiently so that they're ready to share with other people, or to be moved into Photoshop for advanced editing.

Understanding Image Basics

Before you begin learning to use the editing tools, there are some ...

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