Using Photoshop and After Eff ects to Enhance Your DV Project
18 Select the Background layer in the Layers palette.
19 Select Filter > Filter Gallery (in Photoshop, e ects are called  lters).
20 Open any of the Filter groups and select a  lter.
As shown in the next  gure, that immediately displays how that  lter will work
with your photo.  is is a wonderful and creative tool. Consider using it to create
backgrounds for DVD menus or text.
Note: One very slick feature of the Filter Gallery is its layering window. Its in the lower
right corner and is highlighted in the next  gure. To add more than one e ect to the
background image, click the New E ect Layer button (bottom right corner next to the trash
can), then click on a di erent Filter.
Photoshop tips for DV productions
Here are a few things to keep in mind when using Photoshop to create or edit graphics
for use in a DV project:
Keep graphics in layers—Place each element of your image onto a new and separate
layer and dont  atten images when you are done working on them.  is allows you to
keep your designs editable in case you decide to make changes later.

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