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Automatically create DVD markers
You can automatically add DVD Markers but youre not likely to use this feature because
of the limitations I list below. Select Marker > Auto Generate DVD Markers and note
you have three options: at each clip, at a speci ed interval (in minutes), or at an interval
determined by the number of markers you specify.  is method has several limitations:
the clips should be on the Video 1 track, there should be no composited clips, and it does
not name Scene Markers.
15 Double-click on any Scene Marker icon in the Time Ruler and note that this opens
the DVD Marker dialog box, letting you change its parameters.
Note: You can delete a marker by right-clicking on a marker and selecting Clear DVD Marker.
Creating an auto-play DVD with markers: Lesson 18-3
An auto-play DVD contains no menus. Instead, it plays automatically when you insert
the DVD into a DVD player. You can set DVD markers so that the Next and Previous
buttons on the DVD remote control jump to speci c points in the movie. Heres a quick
1 Click the Preview DVD button in the Source Monitor.
at opens a blank Preview screen.
2 Click the Play button.
e rst video on the sequence plays.
3 Click the Next Scene button and the DVD jumps to that Scene Marker and plays
that scene.
4 Repeat that for the next two scenes.
5 Use the Fast Forward button to wrap this process up.
When it gets to the end of the  rst video, play stops. It does not go on to the next video
because of the Stop Marker.
Note: If you remove the  rst and second Stop Markers, the Preview will play all three
videos and the Next Scene buttons will let you jump to all six scenes in the  rst two videos.

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