Creating Dynamic Titles
Making text roll and crawl: Lesson 7-5
Using the Titler you can make rolling text for opening and closing credits and crawling
text for items like headline bulletins.
Adobe Certi ed Expert exam objective
Describe the process required to create rolling or crawling titles.
1 Select Title > New Title > Default Roll.
2 Name it Rolling Credits and click OK.
3 Type in text.
Create placeholder credits as in the  gure on the next page, pressing enter a er each
line. Input enough text to more than  ll the screen vertically.
Note: With Rolling Text selected the Titler automatically adds a scroll bar along the right
side that enables you to view your text as it runs o the bottom of the screen. If you select
the Crawl option, that scrollbar will appear at the bottom to enable you to view text
running o the right or le edge of the window.
Roll/Crawl Options
Classroom in a Book
4 Click the Roll/Crawl Options button (highlighted in the previous  gure).
You have the following options (shown in the next  gure):
Start O Screen—Choose whether the credits start completely o the screen and
roll on, or begin with the uppermost text item at the top or side of the screen.
End O Screen—Indicates whether the credits roll completely o the screen.
Pre-Roll—Specify the number of frames before the  rst words appear on screen.
Ease-In—Number of frames before the  rst words appear.
Ease-Out—Frames to slow down the roll or crawl at its end.
Post-Roll— e number of frames that play a er the roll or crawl ends.
Crawl Le , Crawl Right— e Crawl direction (Rolling text always moves up
the screen).
Creating Dynamic Titles
5 Check Start O Screen, End O Screen, and type in 5 frames each for Ease-In and
6 Close the Titler.
7 Drag your newly created Rolling Credits to the Video 2 track of the Timeline
above the video clip (if another title is there, drag this one directly on top of it to do an
overlay edit).
Note: e default length of rolling or crawling credits is 5 seconds. If you change the length
of the credits clip, that changes the speed. A longer clip length means slower rolling credits.
8 Press the spacebar to view your rolling credits.
Note: If youre having trouble with Rolling or Crawling text, open Lesson 7-5 Rolling
Credits in the Titler or drag it from the Project panel to the Timeline.

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