Topics covered in this lesson:
Using  ve time-saving editing tools.
Adding a TV news-style cutaway.
Changing clip speed and direction.
Using graphics with two transitions.
Switching a four-camera production.
Multi-camera and event shooting tips from Cinemagic Studios.
Getting started
In this lesson you try out three specialized editing tools—Rolling,
Slip, and Slide, and two Program Monitor tools: Li and Extract.
All can simplify certain tasks. Adding cutaways is a frequent editing
task. I show you how to use the Source Monitor to save time and a
few editing steps. Two transitions require the use of graphics, and
I explain them in this lesson. Premiere Pro makes it easy to apply
slow, fast, and reverse motion to clip segments so you can gradually
change speeds within a longer clip.
New to Premiere Pro 2.0 is a tremendously useful Multi-Camera
feature that lets you edit as if you were switching among up to four
cameras in a live production. Supplementing that is a collection
of event shooting tips from a production company owner who
specializes in multi-camera remotes.
Applying Specialized
Editing Tools

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