Classroom in a Book
Practice—Record a couple of narrations and listen. Most  rst-time narrators
mumble or swallow words. Have you made yourself clear?
Don’t pop your Ps and TsAs you say P- and T-words, you project a small blast of
wind. Avoid speaking directly into the mic.
Wear a headset—It’ll help you avoid popping Ps or speaking with too much
sibilance—an overemphasis on the S sound. And itll help you minimize room noise and
other extraneous sounds.
Premiere Pro—A high-quality aural experience
Premiere Pro o ers professional-quality audio editing tools that rival many stand-alone
audio mixing and editing products. For example:
Sample-speci c edits—Video typically has between 24 and 30 frames per second.
Edits fall between frames at intervals of roughly 1/30 second. Audio typically has
thousands of samples per second. CD audio is 44,100 samples per second (44.1kHz).
Premiere Pro lets you edit between audio samples.
ree types of audio tracks—Mono, Stereo and 5.1 (six channel surround). You can
have any or all of these track types in a sequence.
Submix tracks—You can assign selected audio tracks to a Submix track.  at lets you
apply one instance of audio and e ect settings to several tracks at once.
Channel editing—You can split out individual audio channels from stereo and 5.1
surround sound  les and apply e ects only to them. For example, you can select the two
rear channels in a 5.1 track and add reverb to them.
Recording studio—you can record any instrument or mic you can connect to an
ASIO-compliant sound card. Record directly to a track on an existing sequence or to a
new sequence.
Audio conforming—Premiere Pro upconverts audio to match your projects audio
settings. In addition it converts so-called  xed-point (integer) data to 32-bit  oating point
data. Floating point data allow for much more realistic audio e ects and transitions.
Note: Floating point data have no  xed number of digits before and a er the decimal
point; that is, the decimal point can  oat. is leads to more accurate calculations.

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