Adobe® Premiere® Pro Studio Techniques

Book description

Ready to learn not just the hows but also the whys behind the most powerful features of Adobe Premiere Pro? Whether you need to boost your editing skills, composite shots, or fix your audio, you’ll see immediate results when you incorporate these tested and proven techniques from the pros. Adobe Premiere Pro Studio Techniques inspires you to take your work to the next level with real-world examples and insider techniques. In it, you’ll get an in-depth view into Premiere Pro and how it works, cutting through the fat to focus on the most essential features and workflows to help busy professionals perform their jobs faster and smoother.

This book goes beyond conventional step-by-step instruction, teaching you the art behind editing video that you can adapt for countless projects.

  • Real solutions from real professionals: Learn from the top trainers and pros who know Premiere Pro in and out and explain the concepts in a clear, easy-to-read format.

  • ¿Editing essentials: No matter how sophisticated your editing projects, they all begin with the same building blocks. Find out what you’ve been missing about Timeline edits, trimming, creating transitions, setting audio levels, color and light matching, keying and matting, working with a variety of video formats, and more.

  • Advanced techniques: You’ll learn best-practice techniques for setting up your system, organizing your projects, editing for single and multicam shots, perfecting the audio mix, fixing problems with color, compositing your shots, exporting your projects, and managing your workflow, including workflows with other Adobe Creative Cloud tools such as SpeedGrade and Audition.

  • Project files provided:¿ Work along with many of the techniques using the provided HD video clips and project files. For access, go to and redeem the unique code provided inside this book.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro Studio Techniques will thrust you deeper into ideas and advanced methods of working with the tools. Along the way you’ll learn a bunch of tricks that make you more proficient in not only the end result, but in the details of getting there; quicker ways to get things done, shortcuts, workflow tips and ways to make your content look better and your flow to be more efficient.–From the Foreword by Jacob Rosenberg, director of Waiting for Lighting and CTO of Bandito Brothers

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. How To Get Your Project and Lesson Files
      1. What to do with the Project and Lesson files once you’ve downloaded them
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents
    5. About the Authors
    6. About the Technical Editor
    7. Foreword
    8. Introduction
      1. On This Rare Occasion Please Read the Introduction
      2. How This Book Works
      3. What’s Not in This Book
      4. A Note About Downloadable Content
      5. Special Thanks
      6. My Co-authors
      7. Peachpit Press
      8. Adobe
      9. Friends and Colleagues
      10. My Family
    9. Chapter 1. Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
      1. Format Agnostic
      2. Transcode Is a Dirty Word
      3. Mercury Engine
      4. Adobe Creative Cloud
      5. System Design
      6. Overview of a Workflow
      7. Order of Learning
    10. Chapter 2. Setup and Organizing
      1. Optimized Setup
      2. Interface Nuances
      3. Media Setup Outside of Adobe Premiere Pro
      4. Project Setup
      5. Import
      6. Organization
      7. Suite Relations
      8. Media Setup Summary
      9. Speech and Script Technologies
    11. Chapter 3. Editing Techniques
      1. Editing Essentials
      2. Timeline Finesse
      3. Basic Trimming
      4. Advanced Timeline Editing
      5. Advanced Workflows
      6. Multi-camera Editing
    12. Chapter 4. Professional Audio
      1. Listening Environment
      2. Gain and Levels
      3. Timeline Interface
      4. Mixing Sound
      5. Mixers and Submixes
      6. Audio FX
      7. Adobe Audition
    13. Chapter 5. Advanced Compositing and Effects
      1. Adobe Premiere Pro Effects Processing
      2. Fixed and Standard Effects
      3. Animating Effects
      4. One Effect, Multiple Approaches
      5. Saving Effect Presets
      6. The Warp Stabilizer
      7. Using the Title Designer
      8. Keying and Compositing
      9. Opacity Blend Modes
      10. Dynamic Link
    14. Chapter 6. Color Correction
      1. Plan Your Time Wisely
      2. Goals of Color Correction
      3. Understanding Light
      4. Color Correction Interface Setup
      5. Process: What to Do First?
      6. Fundamental Color Correction Effects
      7. Common Primary Corrections
      8. Common Secondary Corrections
      9. Practical Shot Matching
      10. Saving and Reusing Effects
      11. Looks
      12. Legalizing Video
      13. Direct Link with Adobe SpeedGrade
      14. Minimalist Adobe SpeedGrade
    15. Chapter 7. Exporting Strategies
      1. Understanding Architectures and Codecs
      2. Getting Output Right
      3. Common Outputs
      4. The Export Media Dialog
      5. Final Output
      6. h.264 Distribution Outputs
      7. Smart Compression Tips
      8. Outputting a Still Frame
      9. Queue Button
      10. Adobe Media Encoder
      11. Mastering Presets and Settings
      12. Automating Adobe Media Encoder
    16. Chapter 8. Workflow Management
      1. Protect Your Assets
      2. Organizing for Post
      3. Postproduction Planning
      4. Exporting Media
      5. Archiving a Project
    17. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Adobe® Premiere® Pro Studio Techniques
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: December 2013
    • Publisher(s): Adobe Press
    • ISBN: 9780133065411