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Adobe Premiere Pro CC Fundamentals

Video Description

Learn how to create, organize, and edit your videos using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. There are five clips in this series:

  • Introduction. The first clip in the series provides an overview to Premiere including how to get started and navigate the workspace.
  • Organization. The second clip in the series shows how to organize your video including applying sequencing and cutting.
  • Basic Editing. The third clip in the series covers basic editing using the timelines, monitor, and history panels.
  • Advanced Editing. The fourth clip in the series provides filming tips to make your editing easier. Then more advanced editing options are shown including stabilization and effects.
  • Color Correction and Sharing. The fifth clip in the series explores color correction. Learn how to adjust your footage using techniques such as exposure, contrast, highlights, scale, color wheel, and position. Also master exporting the video using Adobe Media Encoder and saving the video in different file formats.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 00:12:57
  2. Organization 00:08:46
  3. Basic Editing 00:11:45
  4. Advanced Editing 00:24:21
  5. Color Correction and Sharing 00:18:08