A note on the digital index

A link in an index entry is displayed as the section title in which that entry appears. Because some sections have multiple index markers, it is not unusual for an entry to have several links to the same section. Clicking on any link will take you directly to the place in the text in which the marker appears.


% percent sign, Pattern-matching filters
.NET CLR, automatic transactions and, Automatic Transactions
.NET data providers (see data providers)
.NET Framework, ADO.NET Data Providers, .NET Data Providers
XML, classes for, Other .NET XML Classes
.NET Framework data types, Notes
vs. data types proprietary to databases, Using Typed Accessors
: colon, Classes
; semicolon, The Connection String, General Considerations
@ symbol, Creating Parameters
[ ] brackets, not supported in ADO.NET, Pattern-matching filters
_ character, not supported in ADO.NET, Pattern-matching filters

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