This enumeration is similar to the DataRowState enumeration, but it is used with the DataView.RowStateFilter property to select the versions of rows that are displayed in a DataView . By default, the current version of the data is shown, and the DataView.RowStateFilter is set to CurrentRows. Alternatively, you can display only rows that have been deleted, added, modified, or unchanged. You can even use a bitwise combination of Data-ViewRowState values to show several versions of rows.

public enum DataViewRowState {

   None = 0x00000000,

   Unchanged = 0x00000002,

   Added = 0x00000004,

   Deleted = 0x00000008,

   ModifiedCurrent = 0x00000010,

   CurrentRows = 0x00000016,

   ModifiedOriginal = 0x00000020,

   OriginalRows = 0x0000002A



System.Object System.ValueType System.Enum(System.IComparable, System.IFormattable, System.IConvertible) DataViewRowState

Returned By

DataView.RowStateFilter, DataViewSetting.RowStateFilter

Passed To

DataTable.Select( ), DataView.{DataView( ), RowStateFilter}, DataViewSetting.RowStateFilter

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