This class provides the base functionality used by many of the ADO.NET collection types, such as ConstraintCollection, DataColumnCollection. DataRelationCollection, DataRowCollection, and DataTableCollection.

public class InternalDataCollectionBase : ICollection, IEnumerable {

// Public Constructors

   public InternalDataCollectionBase( );  

// Public Instance Properties

   public virtual int Count{get; }                             // implements ICollection

   public bool IsReadOnly{get; } 

   public bool IsSynchronized{get; }                           // implements ICollection

   public object SyncRoot{get; }                               // implements ICollection

                  // Protected Instance Properties

   protected virtual ArrayList List{get; } 

// Public Instance Methods

   public void CopyTo(Array ar, int index);                   // implements ICollection

   public IEnumerator GetEnumerator( );                         // implements IEnumerable



ConstraintCollection, DataColumnCollection, DataRelationCollection, DataRowCollection, DataTableCollection

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