This enumeration is used to specify the IDataAdapter.MissingMappingAction property, which determines what happens when a DataSet is filled using columns or tables that don’t have corresponding System.Data.Common.DataColumnMapping or System.Data.Common.DataTableMapping. The default value, Passthrough, simply means that the original name will be used. You can also use Ignore, in which case the column or table aren’t added, or Error, in which case a System.SystemException is thrown. Mapping information must be added to a data adapter manually, as described in Chapter 14.

public enum MissingMappingAction {

   Passthrough = 1,

   Ignore = 2,

   Error = 3



System.Object System.ValueType System.Enum(System.IComparable, System.IFormattable, System.IConvertible) MissingMappingAction

Returned By

System.Data.Common.DataAdapter.MissingMappingAction, IDataAdapter.MissingMappingAction

Passed To

System.Data.Common.DataAdapter.MissingMappingAction, System.Data.Common.DataColumnMappingCollection.GetColumnMappingBySchemaAction( ), System.Data.Common.DataTableMapping.GetColumnMappingBySchemaAction( ), System.Data.Common.Data-TableMappingCollection.GetTableMappingBySchemaAction( ), IDataAdapter.MissingMappingAction

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