This class contains a collection of DataTableMapping objects for the collection exposed by the DataAdapter.TableMappings property. You can access DataTableMapping by index or data source table name using the indexer. You can also use the GetByDataSetTable( ) to retrieve a DataTableMapping using the System.Data.DataSet name.

public sealed class DataTableMappingCollection : MarshalByRefObject, System.Data.ITableMappingCollection, IList,

        ICollection, IEnumerable {

// Public Constructors

   public DataTableMappingCollection( );  

// Public Instance Properties

   public int Count{get; }                         // implements ICollection

   public DataTableMapping this[string 


                  ]{set; get; } 

   public DataTableMapping this[int 


                  ]{set; get; } 

// Public Static Methods

   public static DataTableMapping GetTableMappingBySchemaAction(DataTableMappingCollection tableMappings,

        string sourceTable, string dataSetTable, System.Data.MissingMappingAction mappingAction);

// Public Instance Methods

   public DataTableMapping Add(string sourceTable, string dataSetTable);

   public int Add(object value);            // implements IList

   public void AddRange(DataTableMapping[  ] values);  

   public void Clear( );                        // implements IList

   public bool Contains(object value);             // implements IList

   public bool Contains(string value);      // implements System.Data.ITableMappingCollection

   public void CopyTo(Array array, int index);                // implements ICollection

   public DataTableMapping GetByDataSetTable(

        string dataSetTable); public IEnumerator ...

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