This class represents a forward-only, read-only cursor that reads data from an OLE DB data source and allows you to access it one record at a time. For information about the basic OleDbDataReader methods and properties, refer to the reference for the System.Data.IDataReader and System.Data.IDataRecord interfaces, which OleDbDataReader implements.

public sealed class OleDbDataReader : MarshalByRefObject, System.Data.IDataReader, IDisposable, System.Data.

        IDataRecord, IEnumerable {

// Public Instance Properties

   public int Depth{get; }                          // implements System.Data.IDataReader

   public int FieldCount{get; }                      // implements System.Data.IDataRecord

   public bool HasRows{get; } 

   public bool IsClosed{get; }                         // implements System.Data.IDataReader

   public int RecordsAffected{get; }                // implements System.Data.IDataReader

   public object this[string name]{get; }                                   // implements System.Data.IDataRecord

   public object this[int index]{get; }                                   // implements System.Data.IDataRecord

                  // Public Instance Methods

   public void Close( );                             // implements System.Data.IDataReader

   public bool GetBoolean(int ordinal);       // implements System.Data.IDataRecord

   public byte GetByte(int ordinal);          // implements System.Data.IDataRecord

   public long GetBytes(int ordinal, long dataIndex, byte[  ] buffer, int bufferIndex, int length);

     // implements System.Data.IDataRecord

   public char GetChar(int ordinal);          // implements System.Data.IDataRecord

   public long GetChars(int ordinal, long dataIndex, char[  ] buffer, int bufferIndex ...

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