Tableau and R connectivity using Rserve

Rserve is a server that allows applications to access R functionality. It allows you to use a series of functions to pass R expressions to an Rserve server and obtain a result.

If you upload a workbook that contains R functionality to the Tableau server, then the Tableau server must have a connection to an Rserve server. See R Connection, in the Tableau Desktop help, for details.

R is not supported for Tableau Reader or Tableau Online.

In this section, we will install, run, and configure Rserve.

Installing Rserve

To install and run Rserve, follow these steps:

  1. Open RStudio and go to the Install Packages tab on the interface.
  2. In the Packages textbox, type Rserve and click OK.
  3. Rserve will install, and you will see ...

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