Telecommunications and Network Security

This chapter is supplemental to and coordinated with the Telecommunications and Network Security chapter in the CISSP Prep Guide. The fundamentals of telecommunications and network security are covered in Chapter 3 of the CISSP Prep Guide at a level on par with that of the CISSP Examination.

It is assumed that the reader has a basic knowledge of the material contained in Chapter 3 and has the CISSP Prep Guide available to provide background information for the advanced questions pertaining to the Telecommunications and Network Security chapter.

In the Telecommunications and Network Security areas we will discuss protocols, layers, firewalls, IP addressing, and other network concepts.

Advanced Sample Questions

  1. Which of the choices below is NOT an OSI reference model Session Layer protocol, standard, or interface?
    1. SQL
    2. RPC
    3. MIDI
    4. ASP
    5. DNA SCP
  2. Which part of the 48-bit, 12-digit hexadecimal number known as the Media Access Control (MAC) address identifies the manufacturer of the network device?
    1. The first three bytes
    2. The first two bytes
    3. The second half of the MAC address
    4. The last three bytes
  3. Which IEEE protocol defines the Spanning Tree protocol?
    1. IEEE 802.5
    2. IEEE 802.3
    3. IEEE 802.11
    4. IEEE 802.1D
  4. Which choice below is NOT one of the legal IP address ranges specified by RFC1976 and reserved by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) for non-routable private addresses?
    3.– ...

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