Advanced Coding with Unreal Engine 4

Video Description

Code like an expert with Unreal Engine 4 for implementing AI, shaders, materials

About This Video

  • Discover what you can accomplish through the implementation of advanced code with UE 4
  • Explore how to implement AI, custom materials, shaders, and APIs in UE 4
  • Learn by programming shader parameters, the gameplay API, and handling tasks and services

In Detail

In this course, which has been compartmentalized into three sections, you will be introduced to more advanced Unreal Engine 4 C++ programming concepts. A C++ tutorial will quickly go through the concepts of coding AI into UE 4 using blackboards and behavior trees. C++ debugging saves you hours of print-screen when you directly dig into all the runtime information.

In the first section, you will learn about the Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine within UE4 and how to program basic AI functionalities within your games. Here you will also see how to create operators and functions in UE 4.

Then you will explore shader programming in UE 4 to implement lighting and materials for your games. This will allow you to drastically enhance the visual appeal of your game and get to grips with all the aforementioned UE 4features.

In the end, we present several application Programming Interfaces within UE 4 and show you how to utilize these APIs in your code base. APIs serve as a low-level index of Engine classes and functions and you will learn to execute logging, landscapes, and foliage. Also, the core API will be explored in the final section.

Product Information

  • Title: Advanced Coding with Unreal Engine 4
  • Author(s): Dr. Alireza Tavakkoli
  • Release date: January 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788394529