Advanced Concepts of Odoo 10

Video Description

Configure, manage, and customize Odoo to build professional-level business applications

About This Video

  • Build an Odoo module and integrate it with other platforms through this practical guide

  • This video course is the perfect companion to help you customize your Odoo installations for your enterprise requirements

  • Use project management along with analytics for better reporting

  • In Detail

    Odoo is a comprehensive set of open-source enterprise management applications. Now with Odoo 10, you have access to a powerful website builder, integrated e-commerce features, and a fast-growing community to help transform and modernize your business. You will start by exploring Odoo's powerful new website building platform and will look at the features that can be used to promote your website right from within Odoo. Building on this, you will add a fully functioning online shopping cart to the website. From here, you will understand the Odoo architecture and will learn to customize it. You will then learn to modify Documents and reports with Odoo. Finally, you will be introduced to the process of developing custom solutions in Odoo.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Building a Website with Odoo
      1. The Course Overview 00:03:32
      2. Basics of CMS 00:02:04
      3. Uses of Odoo Website Builder for Your CMS 00:01:39
      4. Installing the Odoo Website Builder 00:05:47
      5. Creating Our Frequently Asked Questions Web Page 00:02:25
      6. Changing Themes in Odoo 00:03:41
    2. Chapter 2 : Implementing E-Commerce with Odoo
      1. E-commerce and Odoo 00:03:30
      2. Installing Odoo E-commerce 00:02:40
      3. Setting the Product Price 00:02:31
      4. Additional Configuration Options for Your Odoo Shop 00:02:05
      5. Setting Up Product Variants 00:03:00
      6. Advanced E-commerce Product Options 00:04:54
      7. Adding PayPal as a Payment Processor 00:02:37
    3. Chapter 3 : Customizing Odoo for Your Business
      1. Understanding the Odoo Architecture 00:03:55
      2. Adding a Custom Field to Odoo 00:03:41
      3. Editing the Form View 00:02:04
      4. Customizing Search Operations in Odoo 00:02:36
      5. Understanding Actions 00:02:26
      6. Creating a New Menu 00:02:04
    4. Chapter 4 : Modifying Documents and Reports
      1. Company Report Configuration 00:04:23
      2. Modifying the Internal Report Header Using QWeb 00:01:48
      3. Listing Odoo Reports 00:01:01
      4. Understanding the Report Types 00:03:21
      5. Creating a New QWeb Report in Odoo 00:03:12
    5. Chapter 5 : Discovering Custom Odoo Modules
      1. Building Our First Odoo Module 00:02:47
      2. Specifying a Custom Directory 00:06:26
      3. Extending an Odoo Model in 00:05:01
      4. Getting Ready to Install Our Module 00:02:14
      5. Troubleshooting Your Module Installation 00:04:57
    6. Chapter 6 : Comparative Analysis of Community Versus Enterprise Edition
      1. Using the Odoo runbot to Compare Odoo Versions 00:03:32
      2. Examining the Odoo Enterprise Interface 00:02:52
      3. Using the Bank Integration Features of Enterprise Edition 00:04:45
      4. Understanding the Available Manufacturing Applications in Odoo 00:03:28
      5. Handling Maintenance Requests 00:04:37

    Product Information

    • Title: Advanced Concepts of Odoo 10
    • Author(s): Greg Moss
    • Release date: June 2017
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781788392556