Advanced Crystal Reports 2011

Video description

In this Advanced Crystal Reports 2011 training course, expert trainer and author Guy Vaccaro covers advanced topics and tools available to you in Crystal Reports. This course is for users that are already familiar with the basic operation of Crystal Reports, and want to get more in-depth with its capabilities.
Guys starts you off easy, with a quick review of some of the basics of Crystal Reports, and then take you right into some of the more complex features. You begin with conditional formatting then move on to working with parameter fields and report alerts. You will learn how to create multiple sections, and sub reports. Advanced charting is covered, along with cross-tabs, formulas, even a chapter on SQL commands. You finish the training course with a quick look at the data map tool and how to distribute your reports.
By the completion of this computer based training video on SAP Crystal Reports 2011, you will have a deeper grasp of the advanced features that are available to you, allowing you to present your data in easy to understand and visually appealing ways. Working files are included to allow you to work with the author throughout this training course.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Am I Ready For This Advanced Course
    2. Installing And Connecting To The Sample Databases Provided
    3. Using The Working Files Effectively
    4. About The Author
    5. Swapping The Data Source Of A Report
  2. Revision
    1. Creating A Report Without The Wizard
    2. Adding And Linking Multiple Database Tables
    3. Making Use Of Formula Fields
    4. Overriding The Database Default Sort
    5. Filtering Data To Reduce The Quantity
    6. Grouping Data In Reports
    7. Special User Defined Groups
    8. Adding Summary Functions
  3. Conditional Formatting
    1. Using The Highlighting Expert
    2. Changing The Order That Conditions Are Effective
    3. Removing The Highlighting Expert Conditions
    4. Applying On/Off Conditional Formatting
    5. Font Color And Typeface Controlled By A Condition
    6. Edit/Remove/Copy/Disable Conditional Formatting
    7. Create Alternate Page Numbers Through Conditional Formatting
    8. Creating A Banded Report
    9. Formatting Controlled By Summary Values
  4. Parameter Fields
    1. Creating A Parameter Field To Filter Data
    2. Parameter Fields Used To Customize Formatting
    3. Letting The User Change The Color Of Banded Reports
    4. Parameter Controlled Order By
    5. Parameter Masks To Control User Input
  5. Report Alerts
    1. Adding And Triggering A Report Alert
    2. Editing Alerts And Viewing Triggered Values
    3. Use A Formula In The Alert Message
    4. Using A Parameter Value With A Report Alert
  6. Multiple Sections
    1. Creating And Managing Extra Report Sections
    2. Different Headers And Footers On Odd And Even Pages
    3. Use Split Sections To Add A Watermark
    4. Column Headings In Drilldown Reports
    5. Add Continued To Page Header For Multiple Page Groups
  7. Sub Reports
    1. What Is A Sub Report
    2. Creating And Importing Unlinked Sub Reports
    3. Create And Insert A Linked Sub Report
    4. On Demand Sub Reports
    5. Hiding Sub Reports That Contain No Data
    6. Dealing With Overlapping Sub Reports
    7. Methods For Updating Changes Made To Sub Reports
  8. Charting
    1. Creating A Chart
    2. Changing The Chart Type Of Your Chart
    3. Chart Formatting And Label Editing
    4. Multiple Series Of Data In A Chart
    5. Special Groups Within A Chart To Improve Appearance
    6. Using Top N In Charts
    7. Placing Charts In Group Headers And Footers
    8. Managing Multiple Charts In A Report
    9. A Special Chart Type The Pie
    10. Multiple Series Data Using Pie Charts
  9. Cross-Tabs
    1. Adding A Cross Tab To A Report
    2. Generating The Month Name As A Heading
    3. Totals On Or Off Top Or Bottom
    4. Formatting A Cross Tab And Its Components
    5. Use Of Conditional Formatting In A Cross Tab
    6. Cross-Tabs With Group Headers Or Footers
    7. Placing More Than One Cross Tab On A Report
    8. Sorting A Cross Tab By Its Summarized Data
    9. Changing The Calculation Within The Data Area
    10. Use Of A Parameter To Allow User Choice Of Grouping
    11. Insert Multiple Grouping
    12. Cross Tab Wizard Vs Manually Creation
    13. A Quick Chart From A Cross Tab
  10. Advanced Formulas
    1. Declaring Variables To Use In Formulas
    2. Application Of A Variable In A Report
    3. Multi Pass Reporting Explained
    4. Altering The Multi Pass In A Formula
    5. Outputting Multiple Variable Values From One Formula
    6. Using Shared Variables To Exchange Data With A Sub Report
    7. User Defined Functions
  11. SQL And Commands
    1. Standard Query Language (SQL)
    2. Using Your Own SQL As A Reports Data Source
    3. Adding Parameters To User Defined SQL Commands
  12. Summary and Beyond
    1. Investigating The Data Map Tool
    2. Distribute Crystal Reports Viewer To Non Developers
    3. Were You Ready?

Product information

  • Title: Advanced Crystal Reports 2011
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2012
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781771370257