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Advanced Data Visualization Solutions

Video Description

Holistic solutions to visualization problems you can implement in any other visualization tool!

About This Video

  • Find the solution for your day-to-day data visualization problems and learn the perfect way to fine-tune and polish your visualization
  • Use Tableau calculations and level of detail expressions in various online data sets such as the UCI repository
  • Deploy visualization apps using the R Shiny dashboard and unlock a deeper level of predictive insights by using predefined forecast functions in Tableau

In Detail

With businesses understanding and valuing their data more and more these days, their requirements turn complex one step at a time, which may lead to several roadblocks when plotting those visualizations. These minor blocks can be frustrating as there are little or no solutions available online.

After finishing this course, you’ll be able to easily maneuver through common issues. We’ll also go through some complex problems you may face, so you are always prepared with a solution for visualization at work. We’ll cover problems and solutions in Tableau (the best visualization tool as ranked by the Gartner report 2017). In this course, our aim is to provide a solution to the visualization problem so that you can implement if needed in any other visualization tool too.