Evaluation using training data

The code to obtain the loss and accuracy values from the training data is as follows:

model %>% evaluate(train_x, train_y)$loss[1] 0.3745659$acc[1] 0.83428

As we can see, for training data, the loss and accuracy are 0.375 and 0.834, respectively. To look deeper into the model's sentiment classification performance, we need to develop a confusion matrix. To do so, use the following code:

pred <- model %>%   predict_classes(train_x)table(Predicted=pred, Actual=imdb$train$y)         ActualPredicted     0     1        0 11128  2771        1  1372  9729

In the preceding code, we are predicting that the classes for the training data are using the model and comparing the results with the actual sentiment classes of the movie reviews. This is summarized ...

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