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Advanced Firebase: Building an Uber Clone

Video Description

Learn advanced iOS & Firebase by building your very own full stack Uber clone App

About This Video

  • Learn to build a full-stack Uber clone - Both driver and user, custom UI, maps, GPS.
  • A practical tutorial to learn advanced development skills using real world examples.
  • Build real world, professional, amazing looking serverless backend apps from start to finish.

In Detail

Welcome to advanced iOS & Firebase development. In this course you'll learn advanced development skills by building a polished, full stack and fully functional Uber clone app.

We start from the ground up and teach you everything you need to know from UI design and frontend and backend development. By the end of this course you'll know to start building more advanced apps with Firebase.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Intro to App & Building App UI
    1. Intro to Course - Uber clone app 00:05:10
    2. iOS App: Xcode Project Creation 00:10:15
    3. iOS App: Building HomeVC’s User Interface 00:24:30
    4. iOS App: Creating Custom View Subclasses for HomeVC 00:52:56
    5. iOS App: Creating a Sliding Tray Menu with ContainerVC 1:03:57
    6. iOS App: Creating a UIView Extension 00:06:03
    7. iOS App: Building LoginVC’s User Interface 00:17:33
    8. iOS App: Creating Custom View Subclasses for LoginVC 00:24:12
    9. iOS App: Adding RevealingSplashView 00:08:38
  2. Chapter 2 : Setting Up Firebase & Configuring Authentication
    1. Firebase: Creating project in Firebase & adding it to Xcode 00:06:40
    2. Firebase: Creating a DataService Singleton 00:14:29
    3. Firebase: Enabling Sign In and Authentication 00:38:01
    4. Firebase: Configuring Side Menu Changes Based On Account Type 00:41:56
  3. Chapter 3 : Advanced iOS & Firebase: Displaying Users on MapView
    1. Advanced iOS: Configuring Location Services and Permissions 00:20:42
    2. Advanced iOS: Creating an UpdateService Singleton 00:19:12
    3. Advanced iOS: Creating the DriverAnnotation Subclass 00:12:55
    4. Advanced iOS: Loading Instances of Driver from Firebase 00:29:19
    5. Advanced iOS: UX Improvement 1: CenterMapButton Improvements 00:05:09
  4. Chapter 4 : Advanced iOS & Firebase: Search Functionality
    1. iOS App: Setting up UITextFieldDelegate Methods 00:29:14
    2. iOS App: Searching for Nearby Locations 00:16:20
    3. iOS App: UX Improvement 2: Animating and Hiding UITableView 00:04:31
    4. iOS App: Selecting a Search Result 00:15:59
    5. iOS App: Dropping A Pin For The User’s Desired Destination 00:14:00
    6. iOS App: Showing Trip Route 00:17:19
    7. iOS App: UX Improvement 3: Loading View 00:12:40
    8. iOS App: Removing Destination Coordinate from Firebase 00:08:21
    9. iOS App: Zooming in on MKMapView 00:27:17
    10. iOS App: Showing Alerts 00:16:52
  5. Chapter 5 : Advanced iOS & Firebase: Configuring Ride Experience
    1. iOS App: Building PickupVC in Interface Builder 00:28:22
    2. iOS App: Allowing Passengers To Request Trips 00:58:05
    3. iOS App: Allowing Drivers to Accept Trips 00:25:48
    4. iOS App: Showing Routes and Annotations 00:40:14
    5. iOS App: Allowing a Passenger or Driver to Cancel Trip 00:25:44
    6. iOS App: Modifying Function to Show and Zoom Routes 00:57:33
    7. iOS App: Fixing and Removing Duplicate Overlays on MKMapView 00:12:20
  6. Chapter 6 : Advanced iOS & Firebase: Configuring Start & End a Trip
    1. iOS App: Setting up CLRegion for Passenger and Destination 00:21:03
    2. iOS App: Making the Action Button ‘Smart’ 00:30:29
    3. iOS App: Starting a Trip 00:31:34
  7. Chapter 7 : Advanced iOS & Firebase: Wrapping Up
    1. Finishing the Ride Share App: Getting Directions with Apple Maps 00:16:59
    2. Ride Share App: Code Cleanup and Creation of Constants File 00:35:15