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Advanced Game Mechanics in Unity 5

Video Description

Learn scripting, particles, physics, advanced interface options, mobile development, building sprites, and so much more!

About This Video

  • Learn to use and understand the Profiler

  • Learn to code, debug, and optimize your game

  • Script Artificial Intelligence

  • In Detail

    Advanced Game Mechanics in Unity helps users push their Unity knowledge to the next level. In this course, instructor Alan Thorn explores many powerful features in Unity 5, from debugging tools and version control, to 2D sprites and user interfaces. See how to get started quickly at scripting by useful behaviors and functionality to build solid games across many platforms, from endless-runners to shooters.

    In Advanced Game Mechanics in Unity 5, we take an in-depth look at coding sophisticated game behaviors in C#, considering subjects such as optimization, occlusion culling, debugging, artificial intelligence and more. Learn how to build intricate, fun, and colorful games that perform well and stand apart.

    By the end of this course, you’ll have mastered the Unity feature set, and will be ready to deploy many concepts and techniques to build your own games.