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Advanced Google SEO

Video Description

This is an advanced SEO course that will teach you how to make your website's search results come up in Google search with enhanced-looking listings called "rich snippets." These rich snippets stand out visually among search results and take more space on the search page. That is directly correlated to you getting more clicks and other results on the page getting less attention and less clicks. Since you will achieve a higher click-through rate on the search results page, Google will collect more positive data about your site, and over time that will result in ranking your page higher as well. So long-term, you will achieve higher ranking AND higher click-throughs with this course, and dominate your SEO niches. Go ahead and sign up for this course now and get started with blowing your SEO competition out of the water! Who is the target audience? 1) SEO professionals 2) SEO freelancers 3) Small business owners 4) Entrepreneurs working on SEO