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Advanced Infusionsoft Implementation

Video Description

Learn more about Infusionsoft's administrative and reporting functionality along with unsupported hacks to push the system to its limits

About This Video

  • Discover the various strategies for email hygiene

  • Understand Infusionsoft's operational aspects of

  • Dig deeper into reporting and discuss its setup and customization

  • In Detail

    Ideal for those who have already had some prior exposure, Advanced Infusionsoft Implementation aims to introduce more challenging concepts involving internal workflow use cases and reporting abilities. It also provides some unsupported hacks.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : E-mail Hygiene
      1. The Course Overview 00:02:00
      2. Reconciling Hard Bounced E-mail Addresses 00:07:41
      3. Tracking E-mail Engagement Levels 00:07:49
      4. Creating a True E-mail Preferences Center 00:05:42
    2. Chapter 2 : Operational Notions
      1. Filtering out New Hire Applicants 00:16:02
      2. Using Lead Sources to Track ROI 00:05:57
      3. Checking for Duplicate Contact Records 00:02:38
      4. Cleaning Up Duplicate Contact Records 00:03:48
    3. Chapter 3 : Campaign Management
      1. Managing Campaign Model Variations with Versioning 00:05:50
      2. Adding Groups of Contacts to a Campaign Sequence 00:02:17
    4. Chapter 4 : Dashboard Fundamentals
      1. Creating a Saved Search or Report 00:09:22
      2. Adding Custom Statistics to Your Dashboard 00:04:40
      3. Configuring Your Dashboard 00:04:54
      4. Setting a User’s Default Start Page 00:01:56
      5. Automating Saved Search or Report Delivery 00:02:02
    5. Chapter 5 : Campaign Builder Reporting
      1. Reporting on Who Is in a Campaign 00:03:21
      2. Reporting on Who is in or was in a Specific Campaign Sequence 00:02:27
      3. Reporting on Who Is Queued to Receive a Specific Campaign Step 00:02:07
      4. Reporting on Who Received a Specific Campaign Step 00:01:20
      5. Reporting on Who Completed a Specific Campaign Goal 00:01:42
    6. Chapter 6 : Link Hacks
      1. Creating a Custom Confirmation Link inside Campaign Builder 00:08:25
      2. Creating a Custom Unsubscribe Link inside Campaign Builder 00:02:59
      3. Triggering Automation from an E-mail Open 00:05:57
    7. Chapter 7 : Grab Bag
      1. Sending Form Submissions to Different Thank You Pages Based on Custom Fields 00:09:08
      2. Adding a Calendar Dropdown to Date Type Fields on Forms 00:01:22
      3. Using Images as Form Submit Buttons 00:03:18
    8. Chapter 8 : More Link Hacks
      1. Making any Text a Social Sharing Link 00:05:11
      2. Making any Link an Unsubscribe Link 00:03:00
      3. Hiding Order Forms until a Link is Clicked 00:04:10