Deploying the starter project to WildFly 8.1

In this section, we will compile, package, and deploy the GWT starter web application to WildFly 8.1. The JDK compliance level for the jboss-gwt project should be set to 1.7. The global Java compiler, JDK compliance, was set to 1.7 earlier—a global setting that applies to every project. If a project-level JDK compliance is required to be set, right-click on the jboss-gwt project and select Properties. In Properties, select the Java Compiler node. Select Compiler compliance level as 1.7 and click on OK. If the global JDK compliance is set to 1.7, the project-level JDK compliance is not required to be set separately.

To the Maven WAR plugin configuration in pom.xml, specify the output directory as the ...

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