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Advanced JavaScript™: Insights and Innovative Techniques

Book Description

The definitive source for professional JavaScript code.

  • 100+ task-oriented solutions—fully explained

  • Move beyond the basics—master forms, validation, and cookies

  • Manage hierarchical menus, regular expressions, XML, and Macromedia Flash integration

  • Master security, stylesheets, browsers, DHTML, and DOM programming

  • Real code for real clients... no "stupid JavaScript tricks"!

  • 100+ real-world solutions fully explained.

    Advanced JavaScript, Insights and Innovative Techniques provides an arsenal of powerful solutions to your most difficult Web development challenges. Dan Livingston dissects the code created by top JavaScript developers, revealing the tricks of the masters. From hierarchical menus to XML and Macromedia Flash integration, experience the cutting edge of JavaScript and discover the emerging techniques you need to solve real problems.

    Advanced JavaScript, Insights and Innovative Techniques covers:

  • Hierarchical menus: arrays, main functions, and behaviors

  • FolderTree: complex hierarchical tree views of folders and documents

  • Using regular expressions to extract data and replace text

  • Using JavaScript to import and read XML

  • Calling JavaScript from Flash movies

  • Stylesheets, DHTML, and the Document Object Model (DOM)

  • Mouseovers: image replacement, rollover functions, preloading, submenus, and more

  • Dropdown menus, including navigation and altering menu content

  • Form elements: text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and text areas

  • Validating user data, credit card numbers, and other form input

  • Dynamic table configurations: from basic report making to advanced techniques

  • News scrollers, layer sliders, and other advanced applications

  • Cookies, list manipulation, communicating among frames, swapping image maps, and much more

  • Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Prentice Hall PTRBooks by Dan Livingston
    3. Preface
    4. Mouseovers
      1. How Rollovers Work
      2. Shelley Biotech
      3. Preloading Images
      4. Mouseovers and Submenus
      5. Mouseovers and Stylesheets
      6. Recap
    5. Dynamically Changing Table Configurations
      1. Basic Report Making
      2. Advanced Table Configuration
    6. Swapping Out Image Maps
      1. The Scenario
      2. Multiple Image Maps in HTML
      3. Image Map Information in JavaScript
    7. Altering Lists
      1. Adding to Lists
      2. Switching Between Unordered and Ordered Lists
      3. Inserting Line Items into Specific Positions
    8. Dropdown Menus
      1. Navigation
      2. Altering Menu Content
      3. The Whole Code
    9. Text Fields, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, and Textareas
      1. Copying Text Fields with Checkboxes
      2. Radio Buttons and Textareas
    10. Validating Forms
      1. Providing Information
      2. Validating User Data
      3. Validating Credit Card Numbers
    11. Stylesheets
      1. Stylesheet Overview
      2. Classes
      3. Positioning Layers
      4. Modifying HTML Tags
      5. Linking to an External Stylesheet
    12. There's Something About DOM
      1. The Beginnings of DOM
      2. About Document Objects
      3. The Flavors of DOM
      4. The W3C DOM
    13. Event Objects
      1. Event History
      2. Event Propagation
      3. Referring to the Event Object
    14. Palette Man
      1. Palette Man Components
      2. Adding Functionality
      3. Rotating the Colors
    15. Hierarchical Menus: Introduction
      1. What HierMenus Does
      2. The Arrays
    16. Hierarchical Menus: DOM and Main Functions
      1. HM_ScriptDOM
      2. The Main Functions
    17. Hierarchical Menus: Behavior
      1. Menu Behavior
    18. Dragging Layers
      1. Background
      2. Events and Objects
      3. Dragging Code
      4. The Whole Thing
    19. Cookies
      1. What Cookies Are
      2. Cookie Parameters
      3. Saving Cookies
      4. Retrieving Cookies
      5. Bill's Cookie Code
    20. Regular Expressions
      1. Introduction to Regular Expressions
      2. Creating Regular Expressions
      3. Regular Expression Object Properties
      4. Running Regular Expressions
      5. Testing, Reading, and Replacing Text with Regular Expressions
    21. XML
      1. Importing and Reading XML
      2. Recap
    22. JavaScript and ActionScript
      1. What Is ActionScript?
      2. Calling JavaScript Using getURL
      3. FSCommand
    23. FolderTree: Creating the Tree
      1. What FolderTree Does
      2. Creating Folders and Links
      3. Creating Subfolders
      4. Adding Documents/Links
    24. FolderTree: Displaying the Tree
      1. Displaying the Tree
      2. Drawing the Layers
    25. FolderTree: Finishing It Up
      1. Drawing the Tree
      2. Opening and Closing Folders
    26. News Scroller
      1. The News Scroller
    27. Layer Slider
      1. Sliding Around
    28. XML Primer
      1. What Is XML?
      2. Why XML Is Good
      3. Goals of XML
      4. Elements and Nodes
      5. Structure and Syntax
      6. The Special Symbols and Comments
      7. Recap
    29. FolderTree Code
      1. ftexample.html
      2. folderTreeLeftFrame.html
      3. startPage.html
      4. defineMyTree.js
      5. fteins4.js
      6. ua.js