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Advanced Mapping with ArcGIS

Video Description

Take your geographical mapping skills to the next level with the help of ArcGIS' advanced features

About This Video

  • Solid examples that wrap your head around professional analysis and mapping using ArcMap
  • Real-world, practical content that wraps your head around the essential know-how on using ArcGIS for geographical data analysis, visualization, and collaboration
  • Work with the latest ArcGIS Online and ArcScene features for 3D mapping

In Detail

ArcGIS provides single or multiple users with a scalable framework for implementing GIS solutions on desktops, in servers, over the web, and in the field. Analyzing spatial data has now become simpler than ever with ArcGIS 10.5x, a major release that comes with many new server and cloud capabilities. This video tutorial will take those with a basic knowledge of ArcGIS mapping to a more professional level. Initially, you will be introduced to ArcGIS Online, the cloud-based platform for hosting web maps and web mapping applications. You will learn various tasks and explore different activities that will familiarize you with using the ArcGIS web platform. After that, you will learn how to work with ArcScene, a program for modeling and visualizing geographic data in three dimensions. You will learn how to map heights and model landscapes, and also whole cities. Next, you will fulfill your training as an advanced GIS analysts by learning how to automate and document your workflow. You will learn about different functionality that will take you through ArcGIS automation with a strong focus on Python and the ArcPy site package for ArcGIS.

By the end of this tutorial, you will be confident enough to take your ArcGIS knowledge and apply it in a fully professional setting.